The Political Science Department at UMass Lowell provides students with the knowledge and skills to engage in the complex realm of national and international politics.

Our graduates go on to various careers in public service, including government, non-profit work, law, journalism, military, teaching, campaign politics, social movement advocacy and international organizations.

Meet Our Students and Alumni

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Edwyn Shoemaker '14
Political Science

Edwyn Shoemaker hasn't had an easy road through life. But he’s taken the right steps for success in his education and wants to help others do the same.

I had to take control of my life...College was the one ticket out.
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Neyder Fernandez and Joe Kennedy
Neyder Fernandez '23
Political Science

First-gen student Neyder Fernandez is president of the Student Government Association.

My parents would say, ‘You can do anything that you want to, and we have your back.’
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Michael Makiej preforming a high jump.
Michael Makiej '24
Philosophy, Political Science

Michael Makiej hits his stride in and out of the classroom, competing as a high jumper on the men’s track and field team while double-majoring in philosophy and political science.

It just seemed like such a fantastic place for me. I just got this very good impression from all these different people.
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Political Science Alumna Sheila Angelo working behind camera
Sheila Angelo '15
Political Science

Sheila Angelo’s internships for U.S. Reps. Niki Tsongas and Jim McGovern helped her win jobs doing advance event planning and media relations for Bernie Sanders and President Obama.

I can’t believe all the opportunities I’ve had just a year out of college. Every day, there’s something new and exciting for me to do.
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David Morton speaks at convocation
David Morton '20
Business Administration & Political Science

Whether it’s working to improve campus life as Student Government Association president or responding to an emergency call as a student EMT, David Morton has dedicated himself to making UML a better place.

I never thought I would be this happy at UMass Lowell, but it’s where I belonged.
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Julie Lawton admires a mural in Coburn Hall
Julie Lawton '21
Political Science

Joining a club as soon as she arrived on campus got Julie Lawton experience on two political campaigns as well as internships in the Boston mayor’s office and the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus – all within a year.

I think it’s cool that I can connect my classes with what I learned in my internship.
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Rick Violette UMass Lowell Political Science Alumnus
Rick Violette '75
Political Science

Rick Violette Jr. is forever grateful to the UMass Lowell faculty for incredible success in a field he is most passionate about.

My Political Science professors went out of their way to make sure I got the education I needed.
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SGA President Lisa Degou and student Trustee Lindy Reed chat with Chancellor Jacquie Moloney at their monthly lunch.
Lisa Degou '18
Political Science & Mathematics

As Student Government Association president, Lisa Degou meets with Chancellor Moloney every month to negotiate for student interests.

I fell in love with all the opportunities and the diversity here.
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UMass Lowell student Denia Taylor sitting at a table at University Crossing with her daughter
Denia Taylor '18
Political Science

Honors student Denia Taylor has overcome many challenges in order to pursue a degree in political science. She plans to take up a career that allows her to combine legal training and philosophy.

Coming into UMass Lowell, I had that mindset that I was going to work really hard and do as much as I could to learn as much as I could.
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UMass Lowell students and Model U.N. members Alejandro Lopez and Ryan Dekeon, pictured in suits sitting in the Pulichino Tong Building in orange chairs looking at the camera
Alejandro Lopez '18

The Model U.N. program and a semester interning and learning in Washington, D.C., helped Alejandro Lopez put economic and political theory into practice - and paved the way for a successful career.

The chance to travel and experience a new country each year with the Model U.N. team has given me a college experience I never could have imagined.
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Maxwell Aaronson shakes a man's hand while volunteering with the nonprofit Human Connection in Nayarit in Mexico
Maxwell Aaronson '21
Political Science

Maxwell Aaronson is pursuing international experiences and languages, with the goal of working in the Foreign Service.

I’ve developed this real passion for learning languages and learning about other cultures.
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Frances Skinner and Professor Gkikas in the chemisty lab
Frances Skinner '19
Chemistry, Political Science

Frances Skinner ’19 gained lab skills and confidence while working in Chemistry Asst. Prof. Manos Gkikas’ lab

I learned a lot of fundamentals in Gkikas’ lab, which gave me a lot more confidence working in a laboratory environment.
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Troy Lafond seated in front of a computer
Troy Lafond '23

After switching from mechanical engineering to English, Troy Lafond uses his writing skills to excel with two student organizations.

I feel like I’m giving back to the campus, giving them a solid newspaper every week to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on both here and around the world.
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Shaila Bornstein on stage at Durgin Hall as one of the two student panelists for debates among the Democratic primary candidates for Niki Tsongas’ seat in Congress
Shaila Bornstein '19
Criminal Justice, Political Science

A semester in Washington, D.C., interning with a nonprofit that trains women to run for political office galvanized Shaila Bornstein. As soon as she finishes at UML, she plans to return to Washington to gain political experience so she can run for president.

The opportunities I’ve already gotten here are above and beyond what I could have gotten anywhere else.
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Sophan Smith chats with people at an EforAll event
Sophan Smith '02
Political Science

After a successful recruiting and development career that has spanned the nonprofit, corporate and higher education worlds, political science alumna Sophan Smith ’02 has come full circle as the new executive director for EforAll Lowell, the nonprofit small business accelerator started at UMass Lowell.

One of the things I appreciated about being at UMass Lowell was the diversity.
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Lauren Young with a group of people at poll-signing holding a banner and signs for Alexandra Chandler, who is competing in the Democratic primary for Massachusetts’ 3rd Congressional District
Lauren Young '04
Political Science

Lauren Young is a political strategist who helps Democrats get elected – including U.S. Sen. Doug Jones, who defeated Roy Moore by a razor-thin margin in an Alabama special election.

I am motivated to get the best people in office that can do the most good for our country while they are there.
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Keri Hobbs Sibley stands next to a limousine on an airport runway with an airplane in the background.
Keri Hobbs Sibley '96
Political Science

Political science alum works on White House staff.

It is truly an honor.
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Hannah Casey (far left) with the Taltys and her boyfriend (far right), who's the student trustee and also on Mock Trial.
Hannah Casey '21
Political Science

Hannah Casey signed up for the Model U.N. and Mock Trial teams and student government. She interned with a congressional candidate and a defense attorney. Now she’s student body president.

The verdict was ‘Not guilty.’ That was when I fell in love with criminal law.
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Tyler Davis is wearing air force uniform as he ties a red banner to a flag that displays a golden eagle and the words "DET 345 A FLIGHT."
Tyler Davis '19
Political Science

For Tyler Davis, a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, the dream of being a pilot came true at UMass Lowell through Air Force ROTC Detachment 345.

UMass Lowell truly made me a better man. The faculty are amazing; they see their job as a calling, a mission.
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Hannah Daly talks with Asst. Prof. of Philosophy Nick Evans
Hannah Daly '18
Political Science

Hannah Daly researched the opioid crisis with one professor and the alt-right with another. She’s already published the results of a public opinion survey she helped design, and now she wants to use her research skills to influence public policy on behalf of women.

I really love the Political Science Department at UMass Lowell. The professors really want you to succeed.
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Shirley Adubofour
Shirley Adubofour '23
Political Science

Shirley Adubofour is putting her studies in political science and race and ethnic studies into practice as a student representative on UML’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force.

I wanted to do anything possible to make sure that our voices are heard.
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David Todisco, center, with Hilary Clinton on the left and Senator Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire on the right
David Todisco '18
Political Science

David Todisco says his political science classes, internships and experiences through UML's partnership with The Washington Center are helping him forge a political career.

The Political Science Department here is phenomenal. The faculty all have so much experience they bring to the table.
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Anthony Milisci stands with two other students behind a table promoting Student Organ Donation Advocates, a student-run initiative to spark dialogue about organ donation
Anthony Milisci '24
Public Health, Political Science

As a dual major in public health and political science, Anthony Milisci leads a student club that promotes organ donation, and he also serves on the Student Government Association.

At UMass Lowell, you have so many opportunities to gain experiences and make an impact with people with different perspectives.
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Andrew Sciascia participated in a debate held at UMass Lowell
Andrew Sciascia '20
Political Science & Criminal Justice

Andrew Sciascia’s studies in political science and homeland security are combining with his student newspaper experience to prepare him for a career as a political analyst.

We all come to this university with a different story, and we are welcomed with open arms.
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Jessica Kergo and others pose with a giant check for $5,000 for the Lowell Community Health Center via the Learning by Giving Foundation
Jessica Kergo '19
Political Science

Honors student Jessica Kergo has landed great jobs and internships – including one with Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker. She also writes for The Connector student newspaper and advocates for mental health awareness.

There’s an emphasis on real-world experience at UMass Lowell. Those opportunities are what drew me here.
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Daphne Shakira Naut posing on a mountain during study abroad with views of rocky, snowy mountains in the background
Daphne Shakira Naut '20
Political Science & Philosophy

Honors College student Daphne Shakira Naut was already fluent in two languages and had started on two more by the time she finished high school. Here at UML, she’s picked up a fifth language and studied abroad three times – all while supporting herself.

Languages are like M&Ms. You just keep adding more.
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Sean Simonini speaking at podium.
Sean Simonini '26
Political Science, Biology

Sean Simonini is making an impact at the Statehouse and beyond.

UMass Lowell is about the grit, the work ethic. It’s everybody on an equal playing field. I love that mission.
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UMass Lowell student Zayna Basma sits amongst a row of other students
Zayna Basma '18
Political Science, Arabic & Spanish

Zayna Basma volunteered at a center that helps Burmese refugees - and became fascinated by refugee policy and research.

Every professor in political science has their own passion they bring to the classroom.
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UMass Lowell student-athlete Jade Catlin runs while holding a lacrosse stick.
Jade Catlin '25
Political Science

Political science major and lacrosse player Jade Catlin is making her mark as the team’s leading scorer while preparing for a career as a criminal defense attorney.

My goal is to go to the NCAA Tournament. When we get on the board there, this program is going to skyrocket, and it just takes a few small steps to get there first.
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