The major in Political Science is designed to provide the knowledge and analytical skills for students to understand the complex and changing issues of local, national and international politics. Students majoring in political science have the opportunity to study politics through four focus area: American Politics, International Relations & Comparative Politics, Law & Politics, and Political Communication & Public Opinion.

We encourage students to engage in individualized research projects, working directly with our faculty. These exciting opportunities develop skills in creative thought, advanced analysis, employing statistics, and persuasive writing. Students have ample opportunities to prepare themselves for graduate education, including a 4+1 program leading to graduate degrees in Peace and Conflict, Public Administration and other master’s programs at the university. A bachelor’s degree in Political Science is also excellent preparation for law school, public administration, and careers in local and national government. The Political Science major also prepares students to work in the private sector, with intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, and with a range of careers in the public sector. Most of all, a degree in Political Science from UMass Lowell is a preparation for engaged citizenship and public service.

A major in Political Science consists of at least 36 credits to a maximum of 45 credits. Not counting practicum or POLI.3010, at least 15 credits must be taken at the 3000 course level.

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The department recommends that Political Science majors select supporting coursework from history, sociology, and economics, and encourages students to develop minor areas of study or supporting majors in related social science disciplines.

Students transferring to the college and wishing to major in Political Science must make individual arrangements with their faculty adviser or the department chairperson regarding satisfaction of major course requirements.

For additional information contact the Political Science Department.