Engineering Management

Master of Science in Engineering Management

Co-op Option in Engineering

The Department of Engineering Management participates in the Graduate Master's Co-op Option in Engineering. For detailed information about the Co-op Program and curriculum requirements, please see the Graduate Catalog Engineering Co-op page.

 Program Overview

The Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) is designed for technical professionals who have opted for the management track in technical and engineering services enterprises. The program is 31 credits in length. Some courses will be offered both on campus and online and the MSEM is open to both full-time and part-time students.

Students have the choice of three concentrations: (a) design and manufacturing, (b) engineering services/infrastructure management and (c) operations and supply management. The three concentrations encompass the non-research and development (non R & D) part of technical enterprises that are needed for new technical projects and product realizations.

Besides preparing engineering or business bachelor degree undergrads for careers in engineering management, this program also serves non-engineering or business undergraduates who wish to pursue a technical management career. These candidates may be required to complete prerequisite courses that provide an introduction to basic engineering economy concepts needed for courses in the curriculum, at the discretion of the MSEM program coordinator. After successful completion of these prerequisite courses, students with non-engineering or business undergraduate degrees can pursue the remaining MSEM curriculum in the same way as students with engineering undergraduate degrees.

Admissions Requirements 

General Admission Requirements

The following are general admission requirements.

Admission to the program will be based on review by Graduate Admissions and by the Admission Committee of the MSEM Department. Applicants are required to submit the results from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) to the Graduate School. In addition, international students must obtain the results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) examination. Depending on the option selected, students may be required to make up prerequisites which they lack in comparison to the equivalent Engineering curriculum at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. In cases where a student has an M.B.A. or has completed the Business Administration Minor for Engineering students, in addition to a B.S. in engineering or its equivalent, certain requirements the MSEM program may be waived upon review by the MSEM Admissions Department. However, all MSEM students are expected to fully complete the 31 credit program requirements.

Specific Admission Requirement for MSEM

  1. BS in any engineering or science discipline, or a BS in Industrial Management or Operations Research
  2. Graduate Admissions Application
  3. Application fee
  4. GPA of 3.0 or better in the respective undergraduate program
  5. GRE scores minimum to be determined by the MSEM admission committee
  6. Three letters of recommendation
  7. Statement of Purpose
  8. TOEFL =>79 or IELTS =>6.5 for international students.

Students with industrial or management experience and a bachelor's degree in another area can be admitted on a case-by-case basis, e.g. BA in English or History. In such cases, a resume is requested to assist in the decision process.

In some cases, an applicant may be required to satisfactory complete up to three undergraduate engineering/science courses to ensure that the student has the necessary background knowledge to succeed in the MSEM program.

 Accelerated Bachelors to MSEM Masters

The College of Engineering will offer a combined BSE/MSEM program in Engineering Management for UMass Lowell undergraduate students based on a BS in any engineering or science discipline. The admission requirements and benefits of the accelerated MSEM are as specified by the University. Applications from UMass Lowell undergraduates may be submitted in the junior year and must include the following:

  1. UMass Lowell Undergraduate Degree: Official Transcripts. (A minimum overall GPA of 3.0 at the time of conferral of the undergraduate degree is required. Students who do not meet this requirement at the end of their undergraduate studies will not qualify for the Bachelors to Master's benefits; however, they may reapply to the program via the regular application process.)
  2. The GRE can be waived for UMass Lowell undergraduates with a GPA of 3.0 and above an upon receipt of a recommendation by an UMass Lowell faculty member.
  3. Successful completion of all other university admissions requirements, including three letters of recommendation.
  4. Statement of Purpose.

 Graduate Program Curriculum Outline

The core courses are a blend of engineering and business fundamentals, while he three concentrations allow students to narrow their course selection into well thought out collection of courses into each concentration, while leveraging the expertise of the faculty in these topics.

Note: Students may choose to do either a professional-practice capstone (6 credits) or take additional courses (6 credits minimum) in an Engineering Management concentration. For the non-capstone option, students must submit a plan of study to the MSEM graduate coordinator and obtain his/her approval during the first year of the program. Any change to the submitted plan requires the approval of the MSEM graduate coordinator.

Required (Core) Courses

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
MECH.5760 Engineering Project Management 3
POMS.6220 or
Decision Analytics or
Engineering Process Analytics
ACCT.5010 Financial Accounting (prereq: FINA.5010) 2
FINA.5010 Business Financial Analysis 2
MKTG.5010 Marketing Fundamentals 2
POMS.5010 Operations Fundamentals 2
MGMT.5010 Organizational Behavior 2
Sub-Total # Core Credits Required 16

One of the three Concentration Course Choices (Total Min. credits required = 9) (attach list as needed)

a. Design and Manufacturing Concentration

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
CIVE.5210 or
Reliability Analysis in Engineering or
Design For Reliability Engineering
MECH.5120 Applied Finite Element Analysis 3
MECH.5490 Cooling of Electronic Equipment 3
MECH.5530 MEMS & Microsystems 3
MECH.5710 Quality Engineering 3
MECH.5750 Industrial Design of Experiments 3
MECH.5790 Robotics 3
PLAS.5180 Plastic Product Design 3
PLAS.5370 or
Business Law for Engineers or
Survey of Intellectual Property

PLAS.5530 Medical Device Design I 3
PLAS.6180 Structural Product Design 3

b. Engineering Services/Infrastructure Management Concentration

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
CIVE.5110 Inspection an Monitoring of Civil Infrastructure 3
CIVE.5400 Urban transportation planning 3
CIVE.5440 Transportation Economics and Project Evaluation 3
CIVE.5210 Reliability Analysis 3
CIVE.5760 GIS Application in Civil and Environmental Engineering 3

c. Operations and Supply Management Concentration

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
 Sub Total # Concentration Credits Required 9
PLAS.5150 Lean Plastics Manufacturing 3
PLAS.6060 Plastics Manufacturing Systems Engineering 3
PUBH.5510 Work Environment Policy and Practice 3
MGMT.6100 Managerial Leadership 3
MGMT.6010 Managing Organizational Change 3
MGMT.6150 International Business 3
POMS.6010 Operations Management 3
POMS.6020 Global Supply Chain Management 3
POMS.6120 Statistics for Predictive Analysis 3
POMS.6240 Analytical Decision Making Tools 3

Professional Capstone Practice or Non-Capstone Option (Total credits required = 6)*

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
Professional-practice capstone Capstone topic to be completed under the direction of an advisor and defended to a committee of at least three or
Non capstone option Any two courses from another choice of three Engineering Management concentrations (a, b or c) or two other graduate courses pending the permission of the MSEM degree coordinator 6
 Sub Total # Practice Capstone or Non-Capstone option Credits Required 6

Curriculum Summary

Total number of courses required for the degree 12
Total credit hours required for degree 31

Prerequisite or Other Additional Requirements for concentration b. Engineering Services / Infrastructure Management:

CIVE.4750 Construction Management (3 credits)
CIVE.4700 Engineering Economics (3 credits)

*For the non-capstone option, students must submit a plan of study to the MSEM graduate coordinator and obtain his/her approval during the first year of the program. Any change to the submitted plan requires the approval of the MSEM graduate coordinator.