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Merit Scholarships

Not Sure if You're Qualified for Scholarships?

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A new and improved Scholarship Portal will be available in February 2022 for all students!

Make sure to check back to find out if you're qualified for the available scholarship opportunities.

What Scholarships Are Available?

Scholarships are gift aid offered to students that does not need to be repaid. Most scholarships are awarded to students based on merit, financial need or both. Although not required for all scholarships, we recommend that all students fill out the FAFSA.

The specific amounts and number of scholarships offered to students are based on available funding each year. The University of Massachusetts Lowell does not use applications for the selection of most merit scholarships. 

Undergraduate Scholarships

Special Interests

Questions and Important Information

Please forward specific student related questions to the Financial Aid Office by e-mailing: Include your student ID in all communications.