If you want to travel to and between UMass Lowell campuses in a way that's fun, healthy, and fast, you should do it on two wheels! Cycling is convenient, affordable, environmentally friendly, and you get to save time by combining your workout and commute.  If you live less than 3-5 miles from campus, cycling is usually the quickest and easiest way to get to class.

When you get to campus, park at any one of over 200 bike parking spaces around campus. Showers and lockers are available at the Campus Recreation Center on East Campus and at Costello Gym on North Campus.
Download our campus Bicycling and Walking map (pdf).

The Basics

Get Equipped 

Get a bike, or get your own bike in better shape, at the Campus Bike Shop, located at the Campus Recreation Center on East Campus. While you're there, make sure you have a quality helmet to protect your head and a U-lock to protect your bike. Make sure to wear light-colored, visible clothing when riding, and buy a front and rear light for you bicycle if there is any chance you could be riding at dusk or after dark. 

You can also borrow a bike for FREE at locations on each campus through the Freewheelers bike share program.

Educate Yourself 

Bicycles are vehicles and can ride on the road, but also have to obey the same rules, signs, and signals as everyone else.

While you can ride in the rain with a rain coat and proper lighting and reflectors, you should be aware that paint and metal on the road can be very slippery when it rains - this includes the metal grates which form the surface of the University Ave Bridge.

Start by reviewing Massachusetts state laws on bicycling. You can also read "Go By Bike" (pdf) - the MassBike/MassDOT brochure which will give you a good overview of cycling safety and riding in traffic.

Plan Your Route 

Download our Bicycling and Walking Map (pdf), or pick up a print copy at UCAPS or the Student Services office.

Go Ride!

To help you get started, Transportation works with the Campus Recreation Center to sponsor regular bike rides where someone will be on hand to help you figure out the basics of riding safely on the road and will be available to answer questions for you. In addition, Transportation will be sponsoring several "Intro to Bicycling Workshops" during the year where you can get started. Check back on the Sustainable Transportation events calendar and on the Transportation Services Facebook page for the latest updates.

Bicycles & Transit Connections

The LRTA has bike racks on all of its buses. If you just want to ride part of the way to campus, or if weather or darkness make it impractical to finish your trip, the racks on buses are there for you.

The MBTA commuter rail allows bicycles on trains in the direction of the reverse commute during peak hours (for example, while traveling to Lowell from Boston in the morning, or to Boston from Lowell in the evening), and in both directions outside of peak hours. Folding bicycles are allowed on the commuter rail at all times when fully folded. More details can be found on the MBTA's website. There is a sheltered bicycle rack located near the entrance to the parking garage at Gallagher Station.