UMass Lowell will be a model campus community where all students, faculty and staff feel appreciated, respected, connected, valued and engaged with a larger life of the campus and beyond.

The 2020 Strategic Plan highlights five Pillars of Excellence, of which, Global Engagement and Inclusive Culture focuses on strategic initiatives that contribute to advancing a more inclusive campus culture and enhancing the experiences and cultural capacity of all our campus participants.

An institution of higher learning cannot achieve excellence without the building blocks of diversity, inclusion and equity. 

The following objectives have been identified:

  • Promote a campus that is accepting of all differences;
  • Develop a more culturally responsive campus community;
  • Improve campus climate;
  • Strengthen community connections;
  • Increase the recruitment, hiring and retention of a diverse faculty and staff;
  • Increase the recruitment, retention and graduation rates of undergraduate and graduate students from diverse backgrounds;
  • Strengthen pipeline programs; and
  • Integrate a curriculum that fosters cultural competencies.

For more information about UMass Lowell's commitment to diversity and inclusion, and for guidelines and procedures regarding equal opportunity and equal access, visit Equal Opportunity and Outreach - Guidelines and Procedures.