Review recommendations of Sexual Harassment Task Force and develop plans to implement recommendations identified by Executive Cabinet as Phase I. Plans should include specific action items, implementation plans and timeline, and should be developed in collaboration with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Taskforce, appropriate campus individuals/departments who hold functional responsibility for the implementation of action items. Provide quarterly updates to Steering Committee of Council on Social Justice and Inclusion.



Julie Chen, Research

James Kohl, Student Affairs

Clara Reynolds, HR/EOO

Michelle Haynes-Baratz, Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences


Javier Horta, Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences

Christopher Hansen, Francis College of Engineering

Michael Beers, Manning School of Business

Kerry Donohoe, Academic Affairs

Sandra Roecker, Athletics

Michael Centola, Research Integrity

Jeff Connors, University Police

Jill Gambon, University Relations

Annie Ciaraldi, Student Affairs

Rachel DeMaster, Advancement

Lee Ann Alden, HR/EOO

Jen Percival, Manning School of Business

Sharon Subreenduth, College of Education

Susana Remold, Kennedy College of Sciences

Hannah Monbleau, Graduate Student (Masters), Education

Sabrina Rapisarda, Graduate Student (Ph.D.), FAHSS (Criminal Justice)