Research is at the core of the scientific enterprise. Get involved by joining a faculty lab or proposing your own project. Work alongside faculty and graduate students. Discover if you wish to pursue research beyond your bachelor’s degree and build your skills for a career in industry.

Immersive Scholars may choose a research experience supervised by a faculty or staff member in the Kennedy College of Sciences, community-based, off-campus experience or an international study. See more information about Immersive Scholars at Undergraduate Research Program Information.

KCS Science Scholars support student research projects under faculty supervision. It’s open to sophomores through seniors with a major in the Kennedy College of Sciences, working with a faculty member in the college. See KCS Science Scholars for more information.

KCS Science Discoveries develops students' self-motivated curiosity for science inquiry. Students propose their own idea for a summer-long research study. Students recruit a faculty mentor from the college. Students may work individually or in teams of up to three. Interdisciplinary projects are welcomed. Contact Coordinator of Undergraduate & International Programs Foozieh Mirderikvand by email: for more information about Science Discoveries.

Faculty-Guided Research provides students with undergraduate research experiences outside of these programs. Faculty often have their own funds to support student work or may offer course-based credit for supervised student research. Please reach out to faculty members with whom you may be interested in working at any time to discuss possibilities.