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Admission to postgraduate health professional schools is very competitive. UMass Lowell Pre-Health Advising team is here to support our students and alumni who plan to apply to medical schools, dental schools, veterinary schools, physician assistant programs, pharmacy schools, optometry school, and podiatry schools. Our team of advisors will assist students and alumni in navigating the admissions process, including making decisions regarding choice of major, satisfying admissions requirements with the appropriate courses, ideas on how to obtain clinical and volunteer experiences students and alumni should seek out. We help students and alumni prepare for a vast array of careers in the health and medical sciences by guiding them toward applying to professional schools.

For students and alumni that are in the process of applying to pre-health programs, we will provide workshops on writing an effective personal statement, what letters of recommendation will be needed, practice interviewing, and feedback on your application from our Pre-Health Committee. Together, we can get you ready for an exciting and rewarding career as a health-care professional.

Pre-Health Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our FAQ page answers these questions and more.

  • What is Pre-Health advising?
  • What medical schools have UMass Lowell students/alumni been accepted to?
  • What should I major in?
  • When and how do I meet with an advisor?

Meet the Pre-Health Advisors

  • Carol Myers, Associate Teaching Professor, College of Sciences, Director of Pre-Health Programs
  • Shaina Roy, Associate Teaching Professor, College of Sciences, Pre-Health Advisor
  • Kyle Coffey, Associate Teaching Professor, Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences, Pre-Health Advisor
  • Erin Smith, Assistant Teaching Professor, College of Sciences, Pre-Health Advisor
  • Michelle Williams, Clinical Instructor, Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences, Pre-Health Advisor

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Meet Alumni

Meet some of our alumni who have gone on to various Health Professions schools.

Pre-Health Clubs at UMass Lowell

Our pre-health students and alumni are active in student/alumni run clubs for students/alumni interested in medical schools, dental schools, and physician assistant programs. See below for links to the clubs’ information.

Living & Learning Communities (LLC) at UMass Lowell

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There are two Living-Learning Communities on campus specifically for pre-health students, both in the Health & Social Sciences House.

Living-Learning Community (LLC) students will be provided an intentional and meaningful living and learning experience that will help them to make purposeful links between the academic and co-curricular components of their college experience.

Aspiring Medical Professionals - The Aspiring Medical Professionals LLC is designed for students who are preparing for a career in a health profession. With strongly competitive admission standards at postgraduate health professional schools, this LLC will help to prepare students and strengthen their chances of acceptance.

H.E.A.L.L. (Health Education Academic Living and Learning) - The H.E.A.L.L. Community aims to help students in the health professions bridge their experience in the classroom by providing a unique learning environment within the residence halls. Students living in this community will have the opportunity to participate in monthly exam reviews for anatomy and physiology as well as social activities geared toward community-building and socialization.

MAGIC Program

The Medical Profession Admission Gap Initiative and Collaboration (MAGIC) program is an academic initiative designed to increase student participation in health professions and graduate programs. Students who have been historically underrepresented in the health profession are encouraged to apply for the program.

Medical Education Associations

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The following are helpful websites for students interested in the following healthcare professional schools.

Medical school:

Dental school

Veterinary school:

Physician Assistant programs:

Pharmacy schools:

Optometry schools:

Podiatry schools: