You can easily integrate a six-month or summer co-op or internship work experience into your Kennedy College of Sciences major. While you’re out on co-op, you are working full-time. You typically do not take classes and do not pay tuition. Yet you still retain all benefits of being a UMass Lowell student, including availability of on-campus housing and university health insurance.

Co-operative Education (Co-op)

What is Co-op? Co-op is short for “Cooperative Education.” It is an opportunity for undergraduate students to engage in meaningful learning in the professional world, explore career opportunities and graduate with a competitive edge in the market.

All departments in the Kennedy College of Sciences are part of the university’s co-op program.

How do I get involved? Students apply to the program beginning in their sophomore year. When accepted, they enroll in a Professional Development Seminar course. In this course, students create their resume and LinkedIn profile, learn how to conduct interviews, and actually apply for jobs with companies partnered with UMass Lowell.

When do I get my job? Many students receive a job offer immediately or in a subsequent semester and begin a co-op position. These are full-time jobs that are paid hourly. Both six-month (Jan. – June or July – Dec.) and three-month summer opportunities are available.

Do I pay tuition when on co-op? When students are on co-op, they are full-time employees and typically do not take classes and do not pay tuition if not taking classes. Students on co-op are full members of the UMass Lowell community, and may keep their residential housing and university health insurance.

See the Professional Cooperative Education webpage for more information.


What is The Washington Center?The Washington Center (TWC) offers qualified UMass Lowell students the opportunity to work in any one of dozens of fields in private, public and non-profit organizations in Washington, D.C. The TWC experience goes beyond internships to give you the professional development, connections and guidance you'll need to pursue a fulfilling career.

Where else may I find internships? KCS students often apply for and receive part-time and full-time job offers in their field outside of the formal co-op program. Job opportunities are posted in Handshake, the university’s job-search system for external positions.

Faculty in your department have many contacts that can lead to paid internship opportunities. Students also discover opportunities via direct relationships with faculty, departmental mailing lists and through their own research.

May my internship count as a co-op for academic credit? Yes, internship positions where you are doing work in your chosen field positions may often be recorded as co-op positions. Please be in touch with Career Services to learn about this process.