No matter your academic interests, you are bound to find climate change and sustainability courses at UMass Lowell to support your pathway.

Climate Change Initiative (CCI) faculty engage undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students through a diversity of course offerings, research opportunities, and community engagement.

  • Developing and implementing effective solutions to environmental problems is a fundamentally political process. The Sustainability and Environmental Politics Concentration in Political Science gives students an indispensable perspective on interactions between human societies and the natural environment. Students that major in Political Science and choose this Concentration engage with topics ranging from global environmental policy, comparative environmental politics across nations, obstacles to climate action, political communication, ethics and justice in environmental politics, and efforts to protect and restore biodiversity. Through their coursework and experiential learning, students will develop a nuanced understanding of the successes and constraints of policy, and will have the opportunity to develop their own solutions to the environmental challenges confronting us.

    • Environment and Society (E&S), is an interdisciplinary minor that provides students with analytical and communication skills, as well as the scientific knowledge needed to succeed in environmental policy, sustainable development, environmental education, environmental advocacy, and related fields. E & S students explore public policy, climate change, sustainability, resource rights, law and regulation, and the role of environmental issues in domestic and international conflicts. E&S students also engage in environmental research and service projects in collaboration with government agencies, non-profit groups, local businesses, and state and national parks.
      • For more information you can contact Vanessa Gray by email: (Political Science).

    • Climate Change and Sustainability, is an interdisciplinary minor housed in the Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department. A student enrolled in this minor will gain an understanding of the basic science behind climate change as well as the social and economic consequences of climate change. Strategies for sustainability and climate adaptation will be addressed.
      • For more information you can contact Lori Weeden by email: (Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences).