The Animal Vivarium has several demarcated spaces, including the PET/CT imaging suite that has the ability to use radioactive material. To work in these spaces, even if not directly using the material, one must be familiar with the signage, dose and contamination control, etc., since it is in the area.

This training site includes all relevant trainings for any member associated with the success of the facility.

MagnetMagnetic resonance Imaging (MRI) safety training:

The facility houses an MRI machine, as such, using the Imaging Suite requires an understanding of the hazards of magnetic fields. To understand the requirements for magnet safety, please refer to our Magnetic Fields webpage and complete the magnet safety training.

New%20workerNew Workers Radiation Safety Training:

Steps to formalize your radiation safety training (Andover Imaging Suite radiation workers):

  1. Complete the basic radiation safety training lessons 6 and 7.
  2. Complete the Vivarium Online Radiation Safety Training with interactive quiz at the end. This training is password protected, please Email your name and reason for requiring the training to to obtain the password. The passing quiz results are automatically emailed to the quiz taker and upon successful completion.
  3. Complete any specific training necessary for the lab in which you will be working in (see site-specific training pages). If you are working with the MRI machine and/or CT machines, take the online magnetic safety training or online x-ray safety training, respectively.
  4. Gather necessary forms (see forms section of the website) specifically the Radiation Worker Authorization form and have your Principal Investigator sign necessary paperwork and email to arrange an in-person training including practical exercise.
  5. Register your information and emergency contact phone number on the safety training tracking website. Refresher training email notifications will come out (within 2 years of initial training) so please follow the instructions to renew your training when necessary or your status as a radiation worker will be revoked.

RefresherRefresher Radiation Safety Training

  1. Retake the Vivarium Radiation Safety Training and embedded quiz (step 2 above). Upon receipt of your quiz, Radiation Safety will update your training record on our training database.
  2. OPTIONAL instead of online: group re-trainings can be conducted upon request. Work with the Radiation Safety Office to create an acceptable time and a staff member will come to train your whole group (1-1.5 hours).

facilityFacility Awareness Radiation Safety Training

  1. This Andover Awareness Training is offered to the building management and occupants as a courtesy, not a requirement. You will not receive a completion of training record but this is provided for an awareness of the postings you may see on doors, etc.