Laser Safety at UMass Lowell

The Laser Safety Program is managed by the Radiation Safety Office, a subset of the Office of Environmental and Emergency Management (EEM). We are here to ensure that laser use on campus be conducted in a safe manner while regulatory compliance is followed. This section of the website regarding lasers, covers topics to assist any current or future users setting up or maintaining a laser lab on campus. The campus laser policies can be seen in the links below:

Laser-PointerLaser Pointer Safety

For those wondering about laser pointer safety please take the time to review the University of Massachusetts Lowell Laser Pointer Safety Guidelines.

Laser-CutterLaser Cutter Safety

A Laser Cutter, sometimes called a 3D laser cutter, Laser etcher, or laser prototyping machine, is not to be confused with a Laser Printer (the thing that spits out paper with ink on it) or a 3d Printer, one that uses an additive building process (layer by layer). Laser cutters can be hazardous if used improperly, either to the user or bystander. Only those that follow the manufacturers procedures and does not bypass any of the safety features should use a laser cutter.  Please take the time to review the University of Massachusetts Lowell Laser Cutter Safety Guidelines (PDF, must read).

  1. Please email: if you have a laser cutter and it is being relocated, as these are tracked for safety purposes.
  2. Please email: if you have questions regarding laser cutter exhaust.
  3. When ordering through the campus ordering system (Buyways), be sure to use the commodity code "UMLOW Lasers" at checkout.
  4. Submit a new equipment request through UML Facilities (used by facilities to determine heat loading, ventilation req., electrical needs, etc.) Facilities New Equipment Installation form, at the bottom of the page.