The Magnetic Field Safety Program is managed by the Radiation Safety office; a subset of the Office of Environmental and Emergency Management (EEM). We are here to ensure that Magnetic Fields on campus are managed properly. This section of the website regarding magnetic fields, covers topics to assist any current, or future users setting up or maintaining a magnetic field installation on campus.

Magnetic fields can be found near large magnets such as machines using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI's) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR's). The health effects of these magnets aren't fully understood. The main hazard is to those with pacemakers or metal implants in their body. The University of Massachusetts Lowell has set the most stringent standards to assure the health and safety of the university community.

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  • Campus Magnet Policy: outlines the policy for Magnet safety and defines roles and responsibilities necessary to ensure Magnet safety (University Policy: Magnetic Field Safety, pdf).
  • Magnetic Field Safety Training: This module should only be taken by those who work with or around magnetic fields capable of over 5 Gauss (0.5mT).
    • Training Module: this training will take you through the basics of Magnetic fields, its hazards, posting requirements, how to ensure a safe work environment and the training benchmarks your progress with an interactive quiz. The passing quiz results are automatically emailed to upon completion.
    • The Radiation Safety Office requires that your Principal Investigator (or designee) conduct a site specific training regarding all hazards of your facility.
  • Magnetic Field Source Inventory: Please communicate the following information (if available) to the radiation safety office
      1. Responsible persons contact (name, email, and phone)
      2. source specifics (use, type and manufacturer if available)
      3. Emitter location (building, room, location in room) with maps if available
  • Procedures: If necessary, procedures shall be created for the magnetic field source's safe operation. Please provide a copy to the radiation safety office. These procedures should include the PI's name, training requirements, specific postings, general lab precautions (removing metal objects, storing metal object away from the magnet, etc.)
  • Hazard analysis: Prior to magnetic field operation, radiation safety will conduct a hazard analysis of the source (during operation) with an appropriate Gauss meter. Please contact the radiation safety office to arrange a time to visit the space.

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