Uranium and Thorium Compounds (Acetate and Nitrate)

The Radiation Safety Office, managed by the Director of Radiation Safety, is responsible for assuring compliance with relevant Federal, State and University regulations and enforces policies established by the Radiation Safety Committee. The Radiation Safety Office maintains a staff adequate to assure the safe receipt, use, storage and disposal of radioactive materials and is authorized to intervene to prevent hazardous conditions from developing or to eliminate existing unsafe conditions on any matter related to radiation safety.

Authorization to purchase, store, use or dispose of Uranium and Thorium compounds, such as Acetates or Nitrates must be obtained from the Radiation Safety Committee or the Radiation Safety Officer. The primary investigator must notify the Radiation Safety Office prior to initial use of the compounds so that all proper criteria can be evaluated.

Uranium and Thorium Policy

The university has adopted the following policy of which all users of the above mentioned material must read and abide by.


All personnel who use uranium and thorium compounds must have adequate training in the proper use of the material and be aware of the associated radiation hazards. To complete your training navigate to the radiation safety site specific training page and complete the:

  • Uranium and Thorium user training presentation,
  • complete and sign the site specific training form and return a copy to the radiation safety office. be sure to use the words "Uranium" in the topic section of the form.