• Portable
  • Linear Response 
  • 4 Decades Cover 0.1 mRem/h to 2 Rem/h 
  • Fully Solid State
  • Fully Regulated Power Supply 
  • Pulse Input No Zero Drift 
  • True RemResponse (LASL-designed Moderator) 
  • Internal Speaker -  Aural as well as Visual Readout 

neutron-pugAPPLICATION: Neutron dose rate monitoring in and about nuclear reactors, neutron sources, neutron generators, customs inspection, etc. 

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The REM-PUG utilizes an ultra - stable high voltage bias supply for the BF-3 Proportional Neutron Detector. Counts from the detector are amplified, discriminated (to remove gamma components) and shaped to present neutron REM rate information to meter and speaker. The speaker furnishes individual clicks on the first three ranges.

The meter on the REM-PUG reads out directly in mRem/h from thermal to 10 MeV. It also detects more energetic neutrons.   

The moderator /detector assembly is enclosed in a enameled thin wall spun aluminum shell for easy decontamination and physical protection.   

The housing of the instrument package is smoothly finished, attractive, scrubbable enameled aluminum. A 3-1/2 inch, wide viewing angle meter presents 0.2 mRem/h to 2 Rem/h plus battery check marking. Controls include on-off and range switch, speaker on-off volume control screwdriver calibration adjust and push - button battery check switch. Probe connector is BNC low noise Teflon insulated. Speaker is protected by polystyrene moisture seal and aluminum grill.

Ranges: 0-2, 20, 200 mRem/h. 0-2 Rem/h 
Resolving Time: 1 µSec 
Gamma Rejection: 5 R/h 
Energy Response: Within ±10% of ICRP curve for most of energy range. 
Directional Response: ±10% in uniform field. 
Time Constant: Fast 2 second and slow 10 sec. Can be adjusted by user anywhere from 0.2 - 20 Sec.  

Environmental: 0-95% Relative Humidity. 10 - 50 °C 
Controls: On-off range selector, battery check, calibrate, speaker on-off volume. 
Speaker: 3-1/2'' permanent magnet. 
Meter: 3-1/2'' taut band wide view. (Ruggedized meter optional). 
Probe Connection: BNC low noise Teflon insulated. 
Batteries: 9 V transistor batteries -standard or rechargeable. Uses two pieces. 
Detector: BF-3 neutron proportional tube T/A Model NT-1310 
Moderator: 10'' diameter REM response low density polyethylene (LASL design) sphere. 
Dimensions: 10'' x 10'' x 15'' 
Weight: 23.5 lbs. 
Accessories: External battery charger available 115 or 220 VAC 50 / 60 Hz.