Ludlum Model 12-4 Neutron Counter

  • 4 Ranges  
  • Splash proof Shields 
  • Dose Response 
  • Total Range from 0 - 10,000 mrem/hr 

Neutron-Ludlum-12-4Indicated Use: Neutron Survey 
Working Environment: Splash proof shields for outdoor use
Detectors: 1.6 cm diameter X 2.5 cm thick BF³ detector surrounded by a 9"(22.9 cm) diameter cadmium loaded polyethylene sphere
Sensitivity: Approximately 30 cpm/mrem/hr ( AmBe neutrons )
Note: This unit provides an approximate inverse RPG curve for neutrons from thermal through 10 MeV
Gamma Rejection:
Less than 10 cpm through 10 R/hr
Built in unimorph speaker with ON/OFF switch (greater than 60 dB at 2 feet )
Meter Dial:
0 - 10 mrem/hr, 0 - 2.5 kV, BAT TEST (others available )
X1, X10, X100, X1000
Reading within plus or minus 10% of actual value
Calibration Controls:
Accessible from front of instrument (protective cover provided )
High Voltage:
Adjustable from 200 - 2500 volts (can be read on meter )
Adjustable from 2 - 60 mV
Toggle switch for FAST (4 seconds) or SLOW (22 seconds) from 10% to 90% of final reading
Push-button to zero meter
2 each "D" cell batteries (housed in sealed compartment that is externally accessible )
Battery Life:
Typically 600 hours with alkaline batteries (battery condition can be checked on meter )
Meter: 2.5"(6.4cm) arc, 1 mA analog type
Cast and drawn aluminum with beige polyurethane enamel paint
Temperature Range:
-4° F(-20° C) to 122° F(50° C) May be certified for operation from -40° F(-40° C) to 150° F(65° C)
17"(43.2cm)H X 9"(22.9cm)W X 10.5"(26.7cm)L
21 lbs(9.5 kg) including batteries    

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