Prepare for life in a global world through the study of languages, literature and cultures.
Languages offered: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish 

Why study world languages and cultures at UMass Lowell?

  • Choose from seven languages. Become multilingual in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.
  • Gain valuable skills. Our interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to expand your cultural horizons, enhance your critical thinking and develop cross-cultural communication through linguistic and cultural proficiency. You will achieve a better understanding of the diverse multicultural world we live in and increase your adaptability in an ever-changing global context. 
  • Expert faculty. Our faculty members are committed to fostering multiple connections among language, culture and their applications to other disciplines. They assist in real-world experience, including opportunities for study abroad, experiential learning and internships.
  • Multicultural experiences in Lowell. Known for its rich history of welcoming diverse populations, Lowell brings together communities from around the world over generations, from its time as a mill town (Irish, Italian, French-Canadian, Portuguese, Greek, etc.) to today (Cambodian, Latinx/Hispanic, Brazilian, Asian-American and South-Pacific Islanders, and African diaspora).

Double major

Combine your language major with another major and expand your opportunities! Many of our students choose a second major such as history, psychology, or business. As a multilingual student, you will be able to access new research materials and work in a larger professional community after graduation. 

World Languages & Cultures News

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Check out Canal, our multi-lingual journal featuring written and creative work from our undergraduate students.

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Help students prepare for life in a global world through the study of languages, literature and cultures.