Our department is the proud home of fantastic study abroad programs! Every year, we send students to France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

How can studying abroad help you?

Studying abroad is a vital part of learning a language and developing cross-cultural skills and mobility.

Promote personal growth

  • Improve your language skills and interpersonal communication skills. In a global society, learning to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers and clients is as important as ever. Second Language speakers have sharper reasoning skills, greater interpersonal communication skills and problem-solving skills. 
  • Try something that is not possible at UMass Lowell or in the U.S. Students traveling abroad have the opportunity to undertake internships in business, engineering or education, or work in community service-learning projects abroad. Each of these hands-on experiences sets you apart from others and can lead to a meaningful career. 
  • Challenge yourself. Studying abroad in another country can be challenging. Improve your language skills, understand other cultures and become not only bilingual but bicultural! 
  • Get some perspective. Learn about traditions, ethics and morals, cultural differences, expectations and socio-cultural points of view. These are excellent things to know for travel and working abroad. 
  • Gain confidence and independence. Feel confident about traveling across the world and talking with people in different countries. 
  • Make new connections and form lasting relationships. Meet people in your host country, make new friends, connect with your professors—and keep these relationships long after graduation. 
A group of students pose in front of the Eiffel Tower.
Our students regularly blog when they study abroad. Read about their experiences on blogs.uml.edu.

Get ahead in the job market 

  • Improve your employment opportunities. Did you know that students who study abroad generally increase their salary by more than 20%? Your international experience will help you find a more fulfilling and better-paid position! 
  • Improve your decision-making, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Studying abroad improves self-confidence, the ability to resolve problems and helps you think critically about important problems. You can leverage these skills in the classroom and on the job. 
  • Work abroad. Students who have spent a significant amount of time studying abroad are more likely to be chosen by their employer for both short-term and long-term international assignments—even in countries whose language is different from the one the student learned!
  • Business is not conducted only in English. Studies indicate that speaking a language other than English is absolutely critical in business.