Satisfy an honors requirement with an Honors Experiential Learning Opportunity (HELO). HELOs provide students with hands-on experience outside of the classroom. These credit and non-credit opportunities allow students to learn through experience and help to connect what they learned in the classroom to real-world situations. These experiences will aid in developing new skills and provide professional and personal growth opportunities. HELOs are guided by either a faculty mentor, a director, or coordinator/liaison. All Experiential Learning Opportunities must involve a reading, writing, and speaking component as well as address at least one of the Honors College Student Learning Outcomes.

Categories of HELOs include, but are not limited to:

Students may use an Experiential Learning Opportunity to satisfy the H4, H5 or H6 Honors Curriculum requirements. However, students may only use up to two total HELOs for their H1-H8 requirements.

Julian Zabalbeascoa, Associate Director of Honors Experiential Learning Opportunities and Communication, approves all HELO opportunities. Students must be successfully approved for an HELO prior to starting the activity for Honors credit. If you would like to learn more or wish to initiate an opportunity, please email: