Carpentry fabricates, repairs, maintains and updates wooden structures, furnishings and finishes throughout the UMass Lowell campus. While its responsibilities include doors, windows, handrails and cabinets, the carpentry shop pays special attention to entryways, ensuring that entry and exit doors meet state fire and building codes and that handicap access doors are working.

This team of carpenters, painters and masons execute small to moderate-size projects on its own and may work with other groups on larger projects. Activities include:

  • Supporting campus carpentry and woodworking needs
  • Repairing walkways
  • Repointing and waterproofing stone and brick buildings
  • Keeping corridors, restrooms and common areas painted
  • Ensuring that podiums and ramps are ready for special events
  • Installing signage

Request Service

For urgent requests, contact Facilities Management Service Center at 978-934-2601.