The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) department helps to keep campus buildings comfortable by maintaining mechanical equipment related to heating and cooling as well as air compressors. They also work closely with Energy Management Services to ensure that optimal temperature levels are maintained and to enable energy-efficient operation of heating and cooling systems. Services include:

  • Regular safety checks on equipment
  • Repair and installation of new machinery and controls for more efficient temperature control
  • Routine maintenance such as changing air filters, replacing steam traps, repairing pumps and maintaining HVAC units and cooling towers
  • Collaboration with the Program Management Department on the HVAC components of construction and renovation projects
  • Maintenance of pneumatic and DDC controls for the HVAC systems to ensure optimum temperature levels
  • Residential boiler maintenance

Request Service

For urgent requests, contact Facilities Management Service Center at 978-934-2601.