Aerial photo of UMass Lowell's North Campus

Facilities Management

The Facilities Management Department provides comprehensive planning and management for all aspects of the facilities and infrastructure of UMass Lowell.

The department includes: planning, program management, capital budgeting, project management, energy and sustainability programs, facility operations, maintenance and service, real estate, facility information systems and business administration. 

We are responsible for planning, constructing, operating and renewing UMass Lowell’s physical environment. With expertise in areas such as campus planning, renovation, project management and maintenance, our team supports the needs of students, faculty and staff - today and tomorrow.

Facilities Shoulder Season

Facilities Management would like to share this informational notice with the Campus Community regarding building temperatures during the upcoming spring season.

During this time of year, as New England transitions from winter to spring seasons, we experience wide-ranging weather and temperatures ranging from the 30’s to the 80’s. In the Facilities Management/HVAC industry we refer to this as the ‘Shoulder Season’.

Most buildings on campus are equipped to be in either a heating or a cooling mode at one time, but not simultaneously. Unfortunately, for many buildings, changing from heating to cooling mode is not just as simple as a ‘flick of a switch’. To change systems to accommodate weather can take multiple days for just one building. Converting all buildings on campus takes two to three weeks and is not easily reversible.

We closely monitor temperature forecasts and try to stay ahead of prolonged temperature changes.

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