Developing Solutions

The purpose of the Industry Sponsored Senior Design Project is to give students skills in carrying out a project in a multidisciplinary team for a designated client, just as practicing engineers. This project requires the integration of skills developed throughout their undergraduate studies to solve the problems defined in the project. The developed solution(s) in this major design experience must adhere to engineering standards as well as the problem’s constraints. The solution must consider all relevant economic, sustainable, ethical, social, environmental, health and safety, political, and legal issues, as they pertain to the problem. These factors should be addressed and documented as appropriate. Thus, students also acquire additional experience in delivering presentations and technical writing.

Capstone Format

Teams of 4 to 6 students composed of Computer, Electrical, Mechanical and/or Plastics will be formed and assigned to the project. Each student is expected to spend 10-­12 hours per week on the project, which should include quantitative and qualitative aspects. All project groups meet with the instructor weekly throughout the semester for topics such as project management, process improvement, dealing with clients, and technical communications, as well as relevant technical topics. They will also meet weekly with their faculty coach for specific project topics. Finally, teams will also meet with their client organization (project liaison) on a regular basis, either in person or virtually.


  • Weekly update memos detailing project progress.
  • Problem Clarification Report and Presentation due at midterm of first semester.
  • Solution Proposal Report and Presentation due at the end of first semester.
  • Project Update Report and Presentation due at midterm of second semester.
  • Final Report and presentation due at the end of second semester.
  • Evaluation Report (completed by project team, faculty coach, and industry liaison independently) of team, solution, and project execution. Results from industry will be collected, disseminated and discussed to improve future offerings.

Interested in Sponsoring a Team?

The Corporate Leadership Partner fee for participation is not considered a contract for deliverables, as these are undergraduate students pursuing an educational, not research, program. However, it is understood that student teams may be exposed to sensitive material and/or data. In these situations, agreements must be made before initiation of the project, which will allow for timely publication (after review, if required). For more information, contact Sally Washburn, Director of Development: 978-934-4821 or