Welcome to the Francis College of Engineering Graduate Studies and Research! The college has a proud heritage, spanning more than a century, for providing outstanding, practical and affordable engineering education and a growing portfolio of research and innovation. This heritage has evolved with the economy and industry of the area.

Graduate Studies

The Francis College of Engineering employs over 100 tenure/tenure‐track faculty and around 30 lecturers to deliver academic programs to over 3,500 full‐time students. Nearly one-third (~1000) of the students enrolled in the college are graduate students.


The cumulative budgets of proposals submitted by the PIs/Co‐PI from within the FCOE has more than doubled in the past 5‐years 2016 ($71.8M) to 2021 ($153.4M). The college research expenditure during the AY 2020 was $33.2M.  

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