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ENGN.4020 Engineering Capstone Design Project

Id: 040782 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This is the second of a two course capstone sequence. This course provides an integrative design experience in engineering. Students work of multi-disciplinary teams and apply their engineering problem solving skills on open-ended, real-world projects. Projects may include members form other departments and colleges. This course has an emphasis on team work, Communication, report writing, oral presentations, design, analysis, test and fabrication. This course may be used as a substitute for the culminating capstone course in Electrical and Computer Engineering (EECE.4491), Plastics Engineering (PLAS.4160) and Mechanical Engineering (MECH.4230).


ENGN.4019 Engineering Capstone Design Proposal, and MECH.4410 Thermo-fluid Applications, and MECH.4250 Design of Machine Elements, and MECH.4730 Design Theory and Constraints, and ME Majors only, and Senior Status, and of Instructor.

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