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Biology Major


The Department of Biological Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Biology that allows students to pursue one of the following options:

  • General Option
  • Bioinformatics Option
  • Biotechnology Option
  • Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology Option
General Option
General option provides the students with a broad foundation in the Biological Sciences. Students who choose the General Biology option are allowed to customize curriculum by selecting advance course electives that match their particular interests in career goals. The curriculum also provides the students with all the requirements needed for students pursuing health professions.
Bioinformatics Option
Students in the Bioinformatics option will receive hands-on training in both the development and use of computational tools for analysis of diverse datasets; including genomic sequences, microarray comparisons, and protein structure/function interaction. The option is ideally suited for students interested in future professional or academic careers in bioinformatics, comparative genomics, proteomics, molecular modeling, and biological database analysis and management.
Biotechnology Option
The Biotechnology option offers a set of advanced courses designed to provide the conceptual background and practical training needed for an exciting and lucrative career in numerous fields. Alumni have careers in biotechnology, genetic engineering, bioinformatics, industrial microbiology, cell culture technology, and the manufacture and purification of diagnostics and other biologically relevant materials.
Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology Option
Building on a foundation in the basic science of biology, chemistry, and physics, student also take advanced courses in ecology, evolutionary biology and environmental biology, functional comparative biology and biomechanics. Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology option provides students with the theoretical background and hands-on training needed for careers or graduate study in diverse fields such as ecology and evolution, environmental biotechnology, conservation biology, public health, toxicology, bioremediation, and biological assessment of environmental quality.
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Pre-Medical and other Pre-Professional Programs

The curriculum in the Department of Biological Sciences prepares many of our students for entry to prominent schools of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, osteopathic medicine, optometry, podiatry, and chiropractic. Students interested in health-related professional careers should meet at their earliest convenience with the University Pre-Health Professions Advisor, who along with a university wide committee, will assist them with course selection and guide them through the application process for admission to the professional school of their choice. For more information regarding the UMass Lowell Pre-Health Professions program visit the Pre-Health Professionals Advising website.


An accelerated five-year course of study leading to the BS and MS degrees in Biological Sciences is available to full-time students who have a grade-point average of 3.0 or above at the end of their junior year. Interested students, after evaluation and acceptance by the Department’s graduate selection committee, meet with the graduate coordinator to design a plan for completion of requirements for both degrees within a five-year time frame. Up to 6 credits of graduate courses (5000 level or higher) may be used by a student in the BS/MS program for both graduate and undergraduate degrees. Graduate Record Exam scores are not required. Graduate Record Exam scores are not required.For more information, see graduate catalog.

For additional information about programs contact the Department of Biological Sciences.