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Robotics Minor

Robotics Minor

Truly interdisciplinary, robotics combines computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and many other STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)-related disciplines. UMass Lowell’s Robotics minor allows students majoring in engineering, computer science, or another science to get the education they need to work in this exciting, ever-evolving field. Students from other colleges can take the Robotics minor, but will have to take additional courses to satisfy prerequisites.

The minor in Robotics consists of 24 credits. Courses that are part of the minor, including its elective, may also be counted towards your major.

Required Courses (21 cr.)

1COMP.1010 Computing I - for CS majors; EECE.2160 Application Programming - for ECE majors; other majors can take either course to satisfy the programming requirement.

Elective Courses (3 cr.)

Choose one from the following:

  • COMP.4200 Artificial Intelligence
  • COMP.4240 / COMP.5435 Introduction to Reinforcement Learning / Reinforcement Learning
  • COMP.4510 Mobile Robotics II
  • MECH.4530 Mechatronics
  • EECE.4520 / EECE.5520 Microprocessor Systems II & Embedded Systems
  • EECE.5800 Advanced Robotics in the Real-World
  • COMP.5495 Robot Learning
  • COMP.5500 Topics: Human-Robot Interaction
  • COMP.5500 Topics: Assistive Robotics
  • MECH.5300 Autonomous Robotic Systems
  • MECH.5315 Modern Control Systems 
  • MECH.5540 Dynamic Systems and Controls 
  • MECH.5550 Networked Multi-Agent Systems
  • MECH.5790 Robotics
  • Department-specific Capstone or Senior Project course involving robotics, with approval of a member of the Robotics Minor Committee
  • Other course, including Special Topics, with prior approval of Robotics Minor Committee


  • COMP.4500 and many of the elective courses for the minor are not offered every semester. Please contact one of the Robotics minor coordinators to help plan your minor.
  • For Computer Science majors in the Robotics minor: 
    • You are required to take Physics I & Lab to satisfy four of the twelve required Natural Science Elective units. We also urge Computer Science majors to take Physics II & Lab for another four Natural Science units.
    • We highly recommend that Computer Science majors take Linear Algebra I as one of their technical or free electives.

For additional information or to declare a minor, please contact the Robotics minor coordinator for your department: