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Biological Sciences

Suggested Degree Pathway for Biology - Biotechnology Option

For students who entered fall 2014 to spring 2015.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester

Course#Course NameCr.
BIOL.1110Principles of Biology I3
BIOL.1170LExperimental Biology I1
BIOL.1160Freshmen Seminar1
CHEM.1210Chemistry I3
CHEM.1230LChemistry I Lab1
ENGL.1010College Writing I3
xxxx.xxxxGen.Ed. Social Science23

Spring Semester

Course#Course NameCr.
BIOL.1120Principles of Biology II3
BIOL.1180LExperimental Biology II1
CHEM.1220Chemistry II3
CHEM.1240LChemistry II Lab1
MATH.1380Calc. for Life Sciences I4
ENGL.1020College Writing II3

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester

Course#Course NameCr.
BIOL.2400Ecol., Evol., & Conservat.13
CHEM.2210Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM.2290LOrganic Chem. I Lab1
xxxx.xxxxGen.Ed. Social Science23

Spring Semester

Course#Course NameCr.
BIOL.2200Principles of Cell Biology13
BIOL.2330LExp. Methods in Biology12
xxxx.xxxxFree Elective I1/53
CHEM.2230Organic Chemistry IIB3
CHEM.2300LOrganic Chem. II Lab1
xxxx.xxxxGen.Ed. Arts/Human.23

Junior Year

Fall Semester

Course#Course NameCr.
BIOL.2370Problems in Genetics11
BIOL.4xxxBiotechnology Lecture I1/33
PHYS.1030General Physics I3
PHYS.1030LGeneral Phys. I Lab1
xxxx.xxxxGen.Ed. Social Science23

Spring Semester

Course#Course NameCr.
BIOL.4210LTechniques of Biochem.12
BIOL.3/4xxxBiology Elective1/43
xxxx.xxxxFree Elective II1/53
PHYS.1040General Physics II3
PHYS.1040LGeneral Phys. II Lab1
xxxx.xxxxGen.Ed. Arts/Human.23

Senior Year

Fall Semester

Course#Course NameCr.
BIOL.4510Senior Seminar12
BIOL.4xxxBiotechnology Lecture/Lab I34-5
BIOL.4xxxBiotechnology Lecture II33
xxxx.xxxxFree Elective III53
xxxx.xxxxFree Elective IV53

Spring Semester

Course#Course NameCr.
BIOL.4xxxBiotechnology Lecture/Lab II34-5
BIOL.4xxxBiotechnology Lecture/Lab III34-5
xxxx.xxxxGen.Ed. Arts/Human.23
xxxx.xxxxFree Elective V53
Total Minimum Credits = 120

1Courses may be taken either in fall or spring term of the academic year.

2The General Education (Gen. Ed.) Breadth of Knowledge Electives for SS and AH may be taken in any order. Consult the General Education web site for the list of approved courses. One Ethics course (E) and one Diversity course (D) need to be included among the total of six AH and SS courses.

3Biotechnology lecture and laboratory courses selected from the approved list (total of 5 courses, minimum of 3 with the corresponding labs). Courses can be taken at the graduate level with permission of the instructor.

4Biology elective can be any 3000-4000 level biology course. Course can be taken at the graduate level with permission of the instructor.

5Any UML course xxxx.1010 and above will fulfill the Free Elective requirement (exception Math courses must be above the level of Calculus I). Additional Biology lecture and laboratory courses (with BIOL prefix) may be taken to fulfill the Free Elective requirement. Courses with LIFE prefix cannot be used.

Restriction on off-campus study:

Be advised that any course taken at another institution must be formally approved prior to enrollment. See the catalog policy for details.

Last updated: 10/17/2017