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Bachelor of Liberal Arts - Studio Art Concentration

BLA Concentration in Studio Art

In the Studio Art concentration, students develop cognitive and intellectual skills, critical analysis, and sociocultural perspectives that beautifully combine with other areas of study. The field of art has erased its own boundaries between disciplines. Contemporary artistic research and practice are broadly engaged in dialogues with other intellectual fields and interdisciplinary practices. Today’s artists combine painting, video, sculpture, performance, animation and Virtual Reality in a seamless manner. The BLA concentration in Studio Art will prepare students for a variety of interdisciplinary studies, including Art Therapy and Art Education. For example, this BLA concentration can be partnered with course work in Psychology, providing students an opportunity to develop expressive therapies as used in the field of Art Therapy. Studies in Studio Art and Education will not only prepare students for their own artistic practice, but also teach them how to develop creative abilities in young students whether in schools or community centers. Reflecting today’s radical transformations in visual culture and communication, this concentration embraces trans-disciplinary learning.

Required Courses

Choose two from the following:

Choose four from the following, including at least three 3000-4000 level courses:

Please refer to course listing in undergraduate catalog for a course description of Studio Art courses.