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ARTS.4350 Sculpture III (formerly 70.435)

Id: 030834 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


Sculpture III will allow students with a continued, special interest in three-dimensional media and installation art to find their personal visual voice and begin to develop a structured studio practice. Students will be asked to identify a conceptual theme for the semester that they will explore through research, development and execution in a series of installation works. The course will introduce and expand on contemporary media and methods not covered in Sculpture I and II. Verbal analysis and articulation of the final sculptural works will continue to be stressed.


ARTS 1010 Art Concepts, ARTS 1020 Art Concepts II, ARTS 1130 Digital Foundations, ARTS 2010 Form & Content, ARTS 1550 Drawing I, and ARTS 1560 Drawing II, 7.0235 Sculpture I and ARTS 3350 Sculpture II.

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