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ARTS.4550 Thought Made Visible

Id: 039602 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This seminar based studio course is designed to enable students to expand their research in the painting and sculpture disciplines through focused individual investigation. The course will involve theoretical readings, lectures, and critiques associated with contemporary studio artist practices. Two of the primary objectives of the course are: (1) for students to broaden the conceptual foundation of their work while continuing to develop their personal direction and (2) to begin to think independently and be critical of their work beyond an assignment based pedagogy.


ARTS.1010, and ARTS.1020, and ARTS.1130, and ARTS.1550, and ARTS.1560, and ARTS.2010, and ARTS.2710, and ARTS.3710, and ARTS.4710, and ARTS.2350, and ARTS.3350, and ARTS.4350.

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