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Degree Pathway, Master of Public Health - Nutrition

We are no longer accepting applicants for the nutrition option.

Degree Pathway for Master of Public Health

Core Courses1

Course #Course Name2Cr.
PUBH.5010Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health3
PUBH.5021Public Health Policy3
PUBH.5061Environmental Health3
PUBH.5070Leadership & Management in Public Health3
PUBH.5750Epidemiology & Biostatistics3
Nutrition Courses3
Course #Course NameCr.
NUTR.6000Public Health Nutrition Practice43
NUTR.6010Nutrition Assessment3
NUTR.6020Community Based Interventions3
NUTR.6040Nutrition Epidemiology53
Public Health Practice Courses6
Course #Course NameCr.
PUBH.6660MPH Practicum3
PUBH.6670Integrated Practical learning3

Course #Course NameCr.

1Core Public Health Courses are typically offered every semester. Courses are usually face-to-face but are occasionally offered in online format.
2PUBH.5750 is a prerequisite for PUBH.6040 and is typically taken in the first semester of the program.
3Nutrition Specialization Courses are typically offered once per year or every other year in a face-to-face format. NUTR.6040 is offered in Spring of odd numbered years. NUTR.6010 Nutrition Assessment is offered in Fall of odd numbered years.
4If possible, Public Health Nutrition Practice is a Fall course, and Community Based Interventions is a spring course. 
5 PUBH.5750 Epidemiology and Biostatistics should be taken before NUTR.6040 Nutrition Epidemiology.
6Practicum courses are meant to be taken sequentially. A student typically takes PUBH.6660 in the next-to-last semester of program and takes PUBH.6670 in the last semester before graduation.
7Students must take 9 credits of electives in Public Health, Nutrition, or a field relevant to their academic program. These courses are typically selected in collaboration with 
an academic advisor or graduate program coordinator.

NOTE: This program can accompany both Part-time and Full-time plans of study. The program can begin in the fall or spring semester. Students may transfer to other MPH options, including the Dietetics option, if qualified. Please discuss with your advisor and graduate coordinator if you are considering transferring to another MPH option.

Total Credits = 42

Last updated: 8/10/2020