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NUTR.6040 Nutrition Epidemiology (Formerly 36.604)

Id: 039066 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This course is designed for graduate students who are interested in conducting or better interpreting epidemiologic studies relating diet and nutrition status to disease and health. There is an increasing awareness that various aspects of diet and nutrition may be important contributing factors in chronic disease. There are many important problems, however, in the implementation and interpretation of these studies. The purpose of this course is to examine methodologies used in nutritional epidemiologic studies in lecture and lab sittings, and to review the current state of knowledge regarding diet and other nutritional indicators as an etiologic factor in disease.


PUBH 5750 Intro to Biostatistics and Epideminology, and PUBH 5770 Biostatics for Health Data, and PB-MPH Graduate Major or by permission.

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