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Master of Science

Master of Science in Applied Biomedical Sciences

Master of Science in Applied Biomedical Sciences

Master's Certificate Options
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Public Health Studies
Health Informatics

MSCLSMaster of Science in Applied Biomedical Sciences

The UMass Lowell Department of Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences offers a Master of Science in Applied Biomedical Sciences.

After the requirements, see the STEM Electives.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science degree program in Applied Biomedical Sciences requires the successful completion of a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate level courses. These include 23 credit hours of core courses and 7 approved elective credits. Students may petition to transfer up to 12 graduate course credits of related content from other programs, and this requires approval by the department graduate coordinator and or department graduate faculty committee.  

Part-Time Study

Students are allowed to matriculate on a part-time basis (taking one or two courses) and most professionally employed students that pursue the M.S. degree in Applied Biomedical Sciences do so. Most classes meet once per week and are scheduled in the evening or online for student convenience.

Bachelor's-Master's Program

Undergraduate students in this program move through the master's program at an accelerated rate by taking two 5000-level courses during their senior year and count those credits toward both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. Student apply during their Junior year.

Program of Studies

Core Curriculum

The core curriculum includes the following courses (23 credits) and must be taken by each program student:

HSCI.5500 Clinical Pathophysiology (3cr)
MLSC.5500 Foundations of Biomedical Research (3cr)
MLSC.5750 Emerging Topics in Clinical Chemistry (3cr)
MLSC.6000 Biomarker Discovery & Applications (3cr)
MLSC.6001 Biomarker Discovery & Applications Lab (1cr)
MLSC.6100 Clinical Toxicology (3cr)
MLSC.6101 Clinical Toxicology Lab (1cr)
MLSC.6130 Infectious Diseases (3cr)
MLSC.7330 Graduate Project (3cr)

STEM Electives

At least one approved elective must be from the list below. The other electives may be from this list, or may be another graduate course from the Department of Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences.  Courses not listed below may be used as electives with prior approval of the graduate coordinator. Courses offered fully online noted with an asterisk(*). 

BNS Electives:
MLSC.5120 Medical Bacteriology
MLSC.5310 Clinical Immunohematology
MLSC.6150 Medical Mycology and Parasitology
NUTR.5720 Nutrigenetics
NUTR.6040 Nutrition Epidemiology   

Public Health Electives:
PUBH.5061 Environmental Health
PUBH.5070 Leadership and Management 
PUBH.5140 Healthcare Management*
PUBH.5310 Health Informatics*
PUBH.5750 Epidemiology & Biostatistics
PUBH.5770 Introduction to Biostatistics  
PUBH.6070 Healthcare Information Systems*
PUBH.6350 Healthcare Project Management*
PUBH.6390 Electronic Health

Pharmaceutical Sciences Electives:
PHRM.6100 Principles of Pharm Sciences
PHRM.6410 Drug Delivery
PHRM.6600 Pharmacokinetics & Drug Metabolism

Professional Experience (1 credit)

MLSC.7700 Professional Internship

Research experience can also be obtained at the university or other research centers. Given the number of full time faculty in the department, the university will assist the Department of Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences and the students with arranging corporate internships. To be eligible for the Professional Internship, students will be required to have 1) completed a minimum of 12.0 credits of STEM courses, 2) completed a minimum of 6.0 credits of PLUS courses, 3) attained an overall minimum GPA of 3.000 and 4) department permission.

All Professional Internships require department faculty supervision. Students should register for MLSC.7700 during the final semester of internship participation.

Master's%20CertificateFor more information and contacts visit the program page.

Master's program Certificate option: MastersCert

Students can earn a certificate in Public Health Studies, Heath Informatics, Pharmaceutical Sciences or Clinical Pathology while earning a Master's degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences by opting for elective courses needed for the certificate**. The following are the elective courses that meet certificate and Applied Biomedical Sciences Master's degree requirements:

pharmPharmaceutical Sciences Certificate:

Required Courses:  

phscPublic Health Studies Certificate

Required Course:

Elective Courses:

hicHealth Informatics Certificate

Required Courses:

Elective Courses:

pathCertificate in Pathology

Required Course:

  • HSCI.5500 Clinical Pathophysiology* (Fall, Spring & Summer)


Students may select 3 courses from this list. Only one of the courses may be from the Department of Public Health (PUBH). Other electives may be substituted with prior approval from the Graduate Coordinator.

**To qualify for a Certificate, Students must complete and application with Graduate Admissions.