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Degree Pathway for Master of Science, Industrial Engineering, Ergonomics & Safety Concentration, Spring 2024 and Before

All MSE degree candidates must satisfy each of the following four requirements. No course can count towards more than one requirement:
Core Courses (4 three-credit courses)
Course #Course NameCr.
IENG.5010Advanced Deterministic Modeling & Analysis3
IENG.5020Advanced Stochastic Modeling & Analysis3
IENG.5050Industrial Automation3
BMEN.5310Occupational Biomechanics3

TracksDetailsTotal Credit Hours
1.Thesis TrackM.S Students on the thesis track will design a student-specific curriculum sequence of 12 credit hours of coursework (in consultation with the thesis advisor and approved in writing by the student and their thesis advisor) within the first semester of graduate study. The contact will be sent to the graduate coordinator and to the Registrar's office.9 credit hours of thesis research, 9 credit hours of coursework approved by the thesis advisor, and at least one semester of the 0 credit research seminar (MECH.5010)
2.Non-Thesis TrackIn their first year students on a non-thesis track must submit a plan of study to the graduate coordinator and obtain his/her approval. Any change to the submitted plan requires the approval of the graduate coordinator.6 credit hours of coursework in an Industrial Engineering concentration and 12 credit hours of coursework approved by the graduate coordinator.

Ergonomics and Safety Concentration Courses
Course #Course NameCr.
IENG.5040Manufacturing Systems3
IENG.5030Advanced Manufacturing Processes3
IENG.5070Facilities Planning & Material Handling3
IENG.5080Advanced Human-Machine Systems Design3
IENG.5090Directed Study1-3
IENG.7410Master’s Thesis Industrial Engineering9
IENG.7510Advanced Projects in Industrial Engineering3
BMEN.5300Ergonomics and Work3
BMEN.5320Occupational Biomechanics Lab3
BMEN.5400Occupational Safety Engineering3
BMEN.6380Methods of Work Analysis3
EECE.5510Advanced Robotics and Automation3
ENGY.5340Fundamentals of Nuclear Security and Safeguards3
ENGY.5160Radiation Shielding and Protection3
ENGY.5180Energy Technology, Economics and Policy3
ENGY.5140Chemical & Nuclear Waste3
MECH.5300Autonomous Robotic Systems3
PUBH.5100Fundamentals of Occupational Health3
PUBH.5420Human Factors3
PUBH.5510Work Environment Policy3
PUBH.5750Epidemiology & Biostatistics3
PUBH.6321Advanced Biomechanics3
PUBH.6590Cleaner Production3