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Degree Pathway, Master of Business Administration, Information Technology

Sample Degree Pathway for Master of Business Administration

The MBA program is a 30-credit program. The Foundation Courses are required for students who do not have prior coursework in business. The courses may be waived for students who earned B or better in similar undergraduate courses.

Prerequisite Foundation Courses

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
ACCT.5010Financial Accounting2
FINA.5010Business Financial Analysis2
MKTG.5010Marketing Fundamentals2
POMS.5010Operations Fundamentals2
MGMT.5010Organizational Behavior2
MGMT.5110Global Enterprise and Competition
Prerequisites: ACCT.5010, FINA.5010, MKTG.5010, POMS.5010, MGMT.5010

Required Advance Core Courses

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
ACCT.6010Accounting Information for Management Decisions3
FINA.6010Corporate Finance3
MKTG.6010Analysis of Customers and Markets3
MIST.6010Management Information Systems3
POMS.6010Operations Management3
MGMT.6010Managing Organization Design and Change3
MGMT.6910Strategy Formulation and Implementation3

Electives, 9 credits: If you do not choose an option, then you’re able to take any 3 graduate level business electives and earn a General Business Option.

Prerequisite: MIST.6010. Select three from the following:

Information Technology Option Courses

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
MIST.6060Business Intelligence & Data Mining3
MIST.6070Electronic Business3
MIST.6080Enterprise System Management3
MIST.6100Information technology (IT) Infrastructure3
MIST.6350Project Management3
MIST.6450Information Technology Project Managment3
MIST.6XXXMIST 6000-level elective3

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