Meet Our Directors

  • John Cluverius
    Associate Director, Center for Public Opinion

    John Cluverius is a former political operative and expert in public opinion, interest groups, political communication and campaigns and elections at the national and state levels.

  • Kelly M. Socia
    Assistant Director, Faculty Research Projects

    Kelly M. Socia's research interests include offender re-entry, recidivism and environmental criminology, among many other topics.

  • Joshua Dyck
    Director, Center for Public Opinion

    Joshua Dyck is an expert in political and public-opinion polling, elections and campaigns, and national and state politics.

Meet Our Fellows

  • Aaron Smith-Walter
    Assistant Professor, Political Science

    Aaron Smith-Walter studies Narrative Policy Framework and Cultural Theory.

  • Claire S. Lee
    Assistant Professor, Criminology and Justice Studies

    Claire S. Lee's research interests include cybercrime and social media.

  • Joselyne Chenane Nkogo
    Assistant Professor, Criminology and Justice Studies

    Joselyne Chenane Nkogo's research interests include police legitimacy and justice issues.

  • Morgan Marietta
    Associate Professor, Political Science

    Morgan Marietta teaches American politics and political psychology and he is an author.

  • Jason Rydberg
    Assistant Professor, School of Criminology and Justice Studies

    Jason Rydberg is an assistant professor in the School of Criminology and Justice Studies. His research interests include sex offenders and offenses, community supervision and program evaluation.

Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated faculty have participated in the Center for Public Opinion’s yearly Faculty Poll that allows faculty to pursue public opinion research projects on a national omnibus survey. See all the research published by center leadership, fellows and affiliated faculty
  • Art and Design: Caitlin Foley (Debt Positive 2016), Misha Rabinovich (Debt Positive 2016)
  • Center for Community Research & Engagement: Robin Toof (Public Opinion and Drinking Water Quality Awareness, 2018)
  • Criminal Justice: Andrew Harris, Melissa Morabito (Examining Police Community Relationships, 2016)
  • Economics: David Kingsley (Experiments in the Theory of Justice, 2014) 
  • Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Michael Ciuchta (Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy and Intentions, 2017) 
  • Political Science: Jeff Gerson (Concussions and Sports, 2016)  
  • Psychology:  Doreen Arcus (Beliefs about Autism, 2016), Jana Sladkova (Public Opinion on Immigration, 2015), Miko Wilford (Public versus professional knowledge and opinions of plea-bargaining: Implications for reform, 2017)
  • Public Health: Leland Ackerson (Diabetes and Health Policy, 2013)