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Toolkit at a Glance

Use these core program tools to implement the Healthy Workplace Participatory Program.

Additional supporting tools can be found on the website pages. Links are to PDFs unless otherwise noted.

  1. Get Ready for Program Start Up -Learn what is needed to implement the program and tips to introduce it to management.
  2. Form Steering Committee -Strengthen management engagement and support.
  3. Identify and Train Facilitator -Learn how to lead a participatory program.
  4. Identify Health and Safety Priorities -Assess employee perceptions about workplace health and safety.
  5. Form Design Team -Strengthen involvement of front-line employees.
  6. Generate Solutions Using the IDEAS Tool -This is the heart of the program.Use a step-by-step process for designing interventions.
  7. Evaluate Your Program -Collect data to show your program is working.