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Get Ready for Program Startup

Training Video: Get Ready for Program Startup (4:45)
Setting up a participatory program requires some preparation.

Every organization is different. Some have wellness committees or health and safety programs. Others are in the process of establishing such programs, and allocating resources for employee health. 

Before you start the Healthy Workplace Participatory Program, take the time to assess your organization's readiness and gather management support. We developed an interactive Survey on Organizational Readiness to make it easy. At the end of the five-minute survey, you will receive a customized report that will guide you through the entire process of getting ready to implement the program.

Assess Organizational Readiness and Resources

Do you have the necessary resources, knowledge and competencies for program success? This interactive Survey on Organizational Readiness will show you what your organization needs to do to prepare for the Participatory Program. It will also suggest ways to link the Participatory Program with existing organizational resources.

Gather Management Input and Support

emptyDoes management effectively communicate the importance of the health and safety initiative? Buy-in from senior leaders is crucial success. With senior management behind the program, it will be easier to ensure that the committees have the support and resources they need to fulfill their roles. 

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