UMass Lowell is an NSA/DHS National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Research

Designated as a National Security Agency (NSA)/Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Center of Excellence in Cyber Defense Research, UMass Lowell’s cyber-security education and research programs have helped meet the fast-growing demand for a highly trained cyber-security workforce.

UMass Lowell’s education, workforce development, and R&D in cybersecurity leverages faculty expertise in computer science, computer engineering, security studies, business and health data security. We are building on this expertise by expanding education offerings for students and company employees. Check out the new Cyber Range, a center for cybersecurity education, research and workforce development, and the Cybersecurity Training for the NIST Network.

Cyber criminal at work

Research Project Examples

  • Biomarkers and counter-messages
  • Narrative analysis to detect threat of malicious intent
  • Test of personality on reaction to extremist propaganda
  • Privacy enhanced keyboard
  • Helicopter-based aerial wireless kit
  • Secure bluetooth mouse communication link
Cyber security research

Research Centers & Education Offerings

Research Centers

Education Offerings

UMass Lowell's programs on computer security and forensics help meet the demand for cyber security and forensics professionals.

UMass Lowell cyber designation award

Cybersecurity Faculty Experts

Faculty in computer science, business, engineering and political science are experts in:

Terrorism & Counter-terrorism

Network and Mobile Security

Transportation Security

Data Security

Data Mining and Business Analytics

Big Data

Health Data Security

Network Systems and Architectures