• Hwai-Chen Guo lab group

    Biological Sciences Professor Analyzing Enzymes to Help Fight Diseases

    Under a National Institute of General Medical Sciences grant, Biological Sciences Prof. Hwai-Chen Guo and five undergraduates are analyzing a group of enzymes found in the human immune system that could potentially act as targets for drugs used to treat serious diseases.
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  • Rachel Le interviews a research participant

    New Study Analyzes How Neighborhoods Impact the Likeliness of Falls

    A new study led by Prof. of Public Health Wenjun Li, with funding from a $4 million, five-year grant from the National Institute on Aging, will analyze how older people move and use the outdoor space in their communities.
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  • Chris Carlsmith and Deirdre Hutchison

    Pieces of the Past: Students Dig Up History in Lowell

    At a dig site at 509 Market St. in Lowell, students from UMass Lowell, UMass Boston and Queen’s University Belfast searched for artifacts from a grocery store and dwelling that was operated by Irish immigrant Patrick Keyes in the mid-1800s.
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  • Dean Melikechi and his postdoc in the lab

    Sciences Dean’s Research Uses Lasers to Help Diagnose Serious Illnesses

    Noureddine Melikechi, dean of the Kennedy College of Sciences and professor in the Department of Physics and Applied Physics, is helping to advance the use of laser technology to diagnose serious illnesses, ranging from cancers and COVID-19 to Gulf War illness.
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  • gut bacteria

    Does a Common Food Additive Harm the Gut?

    Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences Assoc. Prof. Kelsey Mangano has received a three-year $496,885 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to examine whether high consumption of titanium dioxide is related to poor gut health.
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  • Portrait of Psychology Assoc. Prof. Stephanie Block

    Professors Study Aids and Barriers to Prosecuting Child Sexual Abuse

    What are the best predictors that child sexual abuse cases will be investigated and prosecuted? Professors in psychology and criminology analyzed hundreds of cases and found that support from a child’s parent or other caregiver was the clearest factor. 
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  • Christopher Mendillo with researchers

    NASA Selects Mendillo for Fellowship Program, Awards Him $7M Grant

    NASA appointed Asst. Research Prof. Christopher Mendillo to its Nancy Grace Roman Technology Fellowship program one month after awarding him a $7 million, five-year grant to develop technology for a high-altitude balloon mission that could lead to the discovery of new planets.
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  • A cat and a dog sit together on a wooden floor

    Does the Pet You Own Influence What You Buy?

    People’s experiences with dogs and cats can influence their decisions as consumers, according to Asst. Prof. of Marketing Lei Jia’s recently published research in the Journal of Marketing.
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  • Manning School of Business honors students and faculty at an Honors College mixer

    Honors College Matches Students with Faculty Mentors

    With mixers that follow a speed-dating format, the Honors College is matching more honors students with faculty mentors for research opportunities and final honors theses and projects. The college offers $1,500 fellowships to support student researchers, who may also be paid through faculty grants.