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Robotics research at UMass Lowell explores how technology can be used to improve life on Earth and beyond.

Our research strengths in robotics include human-robot interaction, virtual reality interface control, adjustable autonomy, urban search and rescue and assistive technology. 

Grounded in practical solutions, our robotics research includes testing robots for responding to natural and man-made disasters, assisting people suffering from cerebral palsy or stroke and training law-enforcement bomb squads.

Valkyrie robot

Research Project Examples

  • NASA Valkyrie Humanoid Robot - Developing the robot’s mobility, manipulation and human-robot interaction methods.
  • Test and Evaluation Methods for Robots - Developing test methods for response robots, autonomous industrial vehicles, exoskeletons and unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Assistive Technology Robotic Manipulation - Investigating effective interfaces for people with mobility difficulties, such as cerebral palsy and spinal cord injuries.
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Associated Faculty

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Are you interested in partnering with UMass Lowell on any of these exciting, new technologies? Contact Arlene Parquette, Associate Vice Chancellor, Industry Partnerships and Economic Development.

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