UMass Lowell is conducting trailblazing research in robotics, exploring how technology and artificial intelligence drive advancements for human benefit.

Our research strengths in robotics include robot testing, human-robot interaction, robot training, exoskeletons, autonomous systems, multi-agent systems, swarm robotics, microrobotics, and assistive and rehabilitation technology.

Grounded in real-life applications, our experts deliver practical solutions such as exoskeletons enhancing soldier performance, robots responding to natural and man-made disasters, assistive technology promoting patient independence in healthcare and more. UMass Lowell experts also motivate social change by studying the ethics of emerging technologies and the convergence of art and robotics.

NERVE Adam Norton and Holly Yanco Image by Brooke Coupal

New England Robotics Validation and Experimentation (NERVE) Center

UMass Lowell houses the NERVE Center, a world-class robotics testing facility that evaluates robot systems across multiple application domains and develops national testing standards for performance in collaboration with the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The NERVE Center just celebrated its 10-year anniversary.

Research Project Examples

NERVE spot and ghost Image by Brooke Coupal
Universal Robots UR5 robot with Soft Robotics gripper

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