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Leadership/Organization Studies Concentration

Concentration Overview

The leadership/organization studies concentration crafts scholars in organizational phenomena. In addition to rigorous training in research methodology and statistics, the concentration entails courses in the science of organizational behavior, organization theory, and leadership. Students build on this core grounding with tailored coursework that fits their research interests and chosen level of analysis. Accomplished faculty members mentor student research throughout the program and foster their engagement in the profession.

Course Work

Five Required Foundation Courses (Common to all Ph.D. concentrations)

  • Research Design Methods I
  • Statistics
  • Econometrics I or Qualitative Research Methods
  • Microeconomic Theory
  • Managerial Research Seminar (non-credit)

Two Required Advanced Research Design/Methods Courses

  • Research Design Methods II
  • Econometrics II OR Qualitative Research Methods OR MIST.7370 Multivariate Statistical Methods

Six Concentration Courses

  • Seminar in Organization Theory
  • Seminar in Organizational Behavior
  • Leadership Theory and Concepts
  • Doctoral level method elective
  • Two approved Doctoral level electives

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Concentration Coordinator

Elana Feldman, Ph.D.
Faculty Profile
Assistant Professor
Phone: 978-934-6358