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Biomedical & Nutritional Science Current Students

Students can now register online using the Student Information System (SiS).

For all information about course registration, financial aid, and billing visit The Solution Center.


Students in the Medical Laboratory Science option are eligible to apply for scholarships from the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), American Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (ASCLS) and the state Clinical Laboratory Managers Association (CLMA) chapter. Students in our major have been awarded both national and state scholarships.


Four awards are given to Applied Biomedical Sciences graduating seniors.

  • The Dean's Award is given to the senior with the highest GPA in this major.
  • The Clinical Practitioner's Award is given to the Senior with the highest clinical practice score in all areas of the medical laboratory as determined by the Clinical Faculty.
  • The Joseph P. Farina Professional Development award is given to the senior who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and service during their undergraduate career.
  • A Research Award is given to the senior who has performed outstanding scholarly research with a mentoring faculty member, which is presented at the University's Student Research Symposium.

The Department of Biomedical & Nutritional Sciences would like to congratulate the 2021 undergraduate and graduate students with the following achievement awards:

Dean’s Awards Graduate Students:

  • Perla Gilman - Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  • Weiru Gao - Pharmaceutical Sciences MS
  • Nicolas Troisi – Outstanding Graduate Student Award
  • Barbara Omono Odiah – Outstanding Graduate Student Award
  • Christianto Putra – Pharmaceutical Sciences Ph.D.
  • Lekha Shrestha – Outstanding Research Award Ph.D.

Dean's Awards Undergraduate Students:

  • Yan Zhong – Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  • Timothy Cobb – Nutritional Science
  • Kayla Jean Martin – Pharmaceutical Sciences

Departmental Awards:

  • Shaohua Huang – Kay Doyle Clinical Practitioner’s Award
  • Dannalee Watson – Joseph P. Farina Professional Development Award
  • Michelle Gavin – Dr. Robert J. Nicolosi Outstanding Student Research Award
  • Kyra Arsenault – Professional Development Award Nutritional Sciences
  • David Maxwell – Professional Development Award in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Students are assigned a faculty advisor when they are admitted to the program. Faculty maintain three posted office hours/week for student advising. During registration for classes each semester, faculty maintain five posted office hours/week. Students make appointments during these times to review their academic progress and select the correct courses in their program of study. Students can also visit their course professors for help during these posted hours. Advising during the Fall semester is during the first two weeks in November. For the Spring semester, advising is during the first two weeks in April.

Students who plan to graduate must fill out a Program of Studies form the semester before their intended graduation. This form documents the successful completion of their general education courses, the courses in their major, elective courses, and courses for a minor if they choose to have one. These forms must be filled out by the student, reviewed and signed by their faculty advisor and submitted to the Department Chairperson for approval. They are then forwarded to the Dean of their college for further review.