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Study Abroad

The UMass Lowell International Experiences and Study Abroad Office offers opportunities in over 100 countries across the globe. Additionally, you can earn credits while participating in internship and/or working with faculty.  

Current Faculty-led Programs

Cadiz, Spain
Summer 2015: Complete 1-4 semesters of Spanish language in 3-6 weeks during the winter or summer in Cadiz, Spain. Professor Maria Matz will assist you throughout the program on-site. Reside in one of the oldest cities in western Europe by the sea. Learn more about this program on our Facebook page (UMass Lowell in Cadiz) or by checking out the program’s brochure (pdf). You can also read about the program from two student participants who blogged in 2013.

Paris, France
Summer 2015: Comparative Arts in France, taught by Professor Jennifer Cadero-Gillette and French Cinema and Society, taught by Professor Carole Salmon, are the two components of a two-course prospectus for Summer 2015 Study Abroad in Paris. Each course will be offered as a 3-credit, Gen. Ed. class, and many of the lessons and discussions for both classes will be taught simultaneously or concurrently while visiting various sites in France. Because the two classes are designed to segue into and compliment each other, students will be required to register for both classes for a total of 6 credits. These two courses offer a unique opportunity for students to study the art and cultural history of France while interacting with authentic artifacts and monuments and examining these in situ and in real time. In other words, we will not be looking at reproductions of great art and architecture, we will be discussing them while standing in front of, for example, the actual painting of the Mona Lisa or touring the inside of Notre Dame Cathedral. Likewise French films will be discussed while students experience full immersion in contemporary French society. 6 credits, 58.105/59.105 and 50.376.  Follow us on Facebook: UMass Lowell in Paris ( )

Phnom-Penh, Cambodia
Summer 2015: Travel and study with Professor George Chigas to Phnom Penh, Cambodia where you will participate in an exciting program with UMass Lowell partner institution, The American University of Phnom Penh. This program includes two courses; The Directed Studies course must be taken concurrently with Special Topics in Southeast Asian Studies. Both courses will deal with the role of Cambodian youth in the future of Cambodia. (Over 65% of Cambodia’s population is under 30 years-old.) The Directed Study course will involve working with a Cambodian youth organization in a service learning format. Students who enroll in the program must attend two meetings prior to departing for Cambodia to be oriented to the program and its activities. After returning to the US, students must submit the final project within one week for a final grade in the course. 6 transfer credits, 53.493 and 53.400.