The first step in conducting a successful event is planning. Consider the following:

  • When is the best time to have this event? Could it possibly conflict with major university events or holiday weekends? Weekend and after-hours programming may incur fees for cleaning of space depending on the nature of your event.

    • It's important to note that classrooms and labs are NOT available to be requested until the end of the add/drop period at the start of each semester (fall/spring/summer sessions). See academic calendars for specific dates.

    As a general rule, consider the following deadlines for planning your event:

    Days Prior to EventsEvent Type
    21 DaysLarge, limited capacity events (e.g., concerts, walks and runs) require at least 21 days notice.
    14 DaysEvents and meetings which require A/V support, staffing, catering, rentals and/or parking must be planned with Hospitality & Event Services staff at least 14 days notice.
    13 Days - 24 HoursEvents and meetings planned between 13 days and 24 hours will have their event space request accommodated if their requested space is available, however requests requiring a specific setup, A/V support, or staffing will not be guaranteed and will be fulfilled based on staffing and equipment availability.
    10 DaysPlease ensure that requests for catering, parking access, food waiver, or alcohol requests are submitted 10 days in advance.
    24 hoursReservation requests will be granted for "as-is" spaces, meaning the existing setup of the space will be used. No additional services will be provided.
  • While some charges associated with an event are obvious, such as catering or decor, other charges may exist. Your event may incur charges for space, resources, rentals for resources beyond what the University offers, staff support for A/V or facilities clean up, or potentially a police detail. Based on the nature of your event, keep in mind the potential for charges and if you have specific questions about budgeting, email

    Budget Questions: Is your event "affiliated"? As a UMass employee you have built partnerships with many stakeholders outside of the university.  When you are planning a meeting, conference or special event in collaboration with this partnership your event may fall into the affiliated category. Why is this important? Affiliated events are subject to space and resource fees which can be costly depending on your need. Before committing to hosting your meeting, conference, or special event, please contact us to assist you with a quote. For more information in understanding whether your meeting, conference, or special event should be classified as "internal" as opposed to "affiliated," click and review the Space Use Policy.

  • How many people will be showing up? This will ensure that your event is booked in an appropriate space for your groups size.

  • As a member of the UML community you likely have a cursory knowledge of the event space on campus. If not, visit our Meeting & Event Spaces page to see what the university has to offer. Where do you want to go? Will your event be followed by a reception? Will you need breakout space for additional smaller scale meetings? Every effort will be made to accommodate requests, but if requests can't be met, Hospitality and Event Services staff will suggest alternative locations.

  • Will your attendees be driving in and require parking? Will any attendees be flying in to regional airports and require transportation to our campus? Learn more about visiting campus.

  • Between June 1 and early August we have on-campus availability for event attendees that want to stay overnight. If this is something you'd like to consider please let us know as soon as possible as available rooms fill up fast.