Before you submit your space reservation request through 25Live, here are some tips and considerations to guide you through the process:

  • It is recommended to submit your requests at least two weeks in advance of the reservation, with all details finalized (food, setup, AV, etc.) to allow for proper processing, and to allow for any necessary support of resources, setups, or staffing. You are encouraged to view our space reservation request guidelines.

    • Keep in mind, you may submit events up to a semester in advance (highly recommended for annual events) for any non-academic space, e.g. Alumni, Saab Emerging Technologies and Innovation Center, Allen House, University Crossing conference rooms, etc.
    • Academic spaces may be booked immediately after the add/drop period of each semester (after the Registrar confirms the academic class schedule).
    • If, for whatever reason, a reservation must go through on short-notice (less than five business days), please submit the request and call the Hospitality & Event Services (HES)Office at 978-934-3888 to have your request expedited. Please note: while every effort will be made to accommodate your request, resources, setups, space availability, and staffing may not always be accommodated when requests are sent last minute.
    • University spaces are not available all the time. You are encouraged to think of multiple locations that may work for your event just in the case your desired location is unavailable. While submitting your space request, keep in mind that your request does not constitute confirmation that the space is now available to you. There may be requests that were submitted prior to yours, so please refrain from producing advertising or publication of an event until after you've received an official confirmation email from Hospitality & Event Services.
  • There are many different layouts for each space. Please consult our diagrams page to choose the best layout for your event.

  • Don't see what you're looking for, or interested in a space that doesn't have what you need built-in? We can provide transferrable resources in most of our campus spaces and partner venues!

    Please note: that adding resources and/or support services may come with additional costs. When you fill out your request, please include any and all setup/technical specifics, and we will provide you a quote with more information for you to work with.

    Please be sure to include all request details in your Event Inquiry Form!

    1. Microphones: Wireless handheld, wireless lavalier/clip-on, wired (with microphone stand - floor or table), mic. on podium
    2. Presentation: Projector & projection screen, LED flatscreen TV on cart, wireless slide-changer/remote
    3. Sound: Portable sound system with dual-speaker(s) on stands, mixing board
    4. Lighting: LED event uplights with multi-color spectrum changeability, pin lights (white), "gobo" spotlight with logo slide
    5. Computers: Laptop (PC) rentals, HDMI / VGA cable connections, PC monitor
  • (*Flexibility varies depending upon the space*)

    1. Pipe & Drape: Stage backdrop, full room (blue, silver, black options)
    2. Staging: 2' tall, standard size 8'x16' - (4) 2'x4' sections
    3. Podium: Wooden (branded or unbranded) or Acrylic
    4. Flooring: Dance floor rental, tarping for gymnasium and studios
    5. Linens: Blue conference cloths, UML branded conference cloths, ivory linens, or special orders through our vendors!
    6. Florals: Please inquire about florals with your event inquiry form!
    7. Centerpieces: Some vases, tea lights, lanterns and other decor items may be available; please inquire to find out more.
  • After you submit your request it will come to the Hospitality & Event Services team in our queue in the order it was received. One of our team members will be in touch to review your request, ask any clarifying questions, and send you a confirmation if the space is available.

  • Often times as you get closer to your actual event date, more details come in and you may need to make changes to your original request. Don't worry, we are here to help! it's important that you stay in communication with Hospitality & Event Services throughout the conclusion of your event to ensure that all of the details are accounted for. Here is what you should do if you need to make changes:

    • How should I communicate changes?
      By this point you have been working with a specific Hospitality & Event Services staff member so continue communicating with them. It's also encouraged to include on your correspondence in case the staff member you are working with is out of the office.
    • Should I make changes within my space request in Book It!?
      Absolutely, if you can. For changes to your event NAME, TITLE and DESCRIPTION, you can log back into Book It! and update those yourself. You will need to contact the Hospitality & Event Services (HES) Office to edit any other additional fields.
    • What details are important to communicate as soon as possible?
      • Date changes/rain or snow date considerations
      • Attendance
      • Addition or removal of space used
      • Resource needs (A/V, linens, tables/chairs, etc.)
      • Alcohol request
      • Parking/transportation needs

If at any point you have changes or questions, contact our Hospitality & Event Services (HES) Staff via email at or call us at 978-934-3888.