25Live Request Form     Express Booking Form

  • We offer Express Booking options for faculty, staff, and students. Designated spaces across campus are bookable using our Express Booking Form on 25Live (or using the code outside each room). When you access the booking system, you will only see the rooms that you are allowed to reserve based on your user status (faculty, staff or student).

    These reservations are for one-time occurrences and standard as-is meeting requests for up to two hours in length. These reservations will not post to the UMass Lowell calendar. Simply enter your date, time and available express location, provide an event meeting name, select save and your reservation is automatically confirmed, no approval process is required. Express meetings cannot request resources. For more information about student meeting/study spaces, check out these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

    Review the University Space Use and Reservation Policy.

  • To submit a space reservation request, select the "25Live Request Form" button or visit the 25Live Pro Website. Select the login button on the top right of the page and enter your UMass Lowell Credentials to access the site. Note: Please do not use Internet Explorer. Select Google Chrome or Firefox browsers when using 25Live.

    Once you are logged in go to the "Find Available Locations" section/tab. You will have two options to help you find a location for your event. The process for both options are outlined below.

    Option 1: "I know WHEN my event should take place"

    If you select this option, simply enter in your desired date, time, number of attendees and then choose the drop down menu "Search within" to narrow down your search option based on bookable spaces, specific campus, or tabling location.

    After you select these details, click the "Show me what's available!" button to see what spaces are available that meet your criteria. Once you find a location you would like to reserve select "use this location" to open the Express Scheduling Form and fill out the remaining required fields and submit your request.

    Option 2: "I know WHERE my event should take place"

    If you select this option, simply use the search box to find location by name. Once you identify the proper space, chose the date and select the "Show me this location's availability" button. This will bring you to the availability calendar of the location you selected. You can click on any available time slot which will bring you to the 25Live request form to fill out the remaining required fields.

    25Live Request Form

  • Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*) and include:

    • Event Name (limited to 40 characters): This is the short name of your event and may include abbreviations.
    • Event Title for Publication (120 characters). This is the name that will appear in the university calendar - Please spell out any acronyms or abbreviations in this field. (Both Event Name and Event Title for Publication may be the same, but please be sure to complete both).
    • Event Type: This is the one field that cannot be changed once a reservation is confirmed. The event type determines which category your event will appear on the UML calendar. Please take time to select the appropriate event type. Most are self-explanatory, examples of frequently selected event types follow:
      • Academic Support: Makeup classes, review sessions, dissertation defenses, etc.
      • Banquet: Events requiring catering and possibly alcohol service
      • Colloquium-Forum-Panel: May involve multiple speakers, possibly class related
      • Conference: Internal, external or affiliated conferences, may cover multiple dates and locations
      • Guest Speakers & Celebrations: Exhibits, colloquium, guest speakers, fairs and festivals
      • Information table: Requests for campus-wide tabling locations
      • Meetings: Generally internal meetings. NOTE: If you book a conference or guest speaker as a meeting, this is where it will appear.
      • Training-Workshop: Workshops, training opportunities
    • Primary Organization for Event: Choosing the appropriate organization will allow your department's events to appear on your department calendar, if your website has one. You can also add Additional (co-sponsoring) organizations.
    • Expected Head Count: This ensures that your event is booked in an appropriate space. Enter 0 for Dates & Deadlines.
    • Event Description: Please enter a brief description of the event for publicity purposes, or repeat the even title if a separate description is not necessary. This is a mandatory field and what you enter here will appear on the university calendar.
    • Event Date and Time Enter the ACTUAL start and end time for the event, which will appear on the university calendar. Please do not include setup or breakdown in these fields. There are separate fields to enter any necessary setup or breakdown time. Please enter those separately, for any event that takes place in a function space (ex. Alumni Hall, Moloney Hall, Saab ETIC Atrium, etc.), requires resource setups, and catering. Please enter one-hour setup and one-hour breakdown in these instances to ensure an accurate reflection of availability. Pre-event time should be noted for events in which you are requesting access to the location following setup and prior to the event start time.
    • Preferred Event Location: The space where you'd like to have your event. Every effort will be made accommodating requests. If space is not available when submitting your 25Live request, and you wish to search for other options, select the applicable public search to view all spaces in the “See Available Locations” tab, available from the Home page. You may always reach out to Hospitality & Events for appropriate location suggestions.
    • Dates & Deadlines: For calendar events that don’t take place in a particular location (e.g., add/drop period deadline) or are off campus, use "Dates and Deadlines" as an event type to get your information or deadline onto the calendar and use "UML-INFO" as your space code when completing the form. Dates & Deadlines can also be used to publicize colloquia or other events that are held in academic spaces (since those don't appear on the public calendar). When using Dates & Deadlines be sure to include the location in the description and select 0 as our expected head count.
    • Event Resources: indicate if any are needed.
    • Contact Roles for This Event: For information prior to the event and/or on site on the day of the event. The requestor's name will appear as the contact person in the calendar.
    • Categories: Check the box for applicable categories. Should you wish to not have your event posted to the UML Calendar, select the box “Do Not Publish to Web.”
    • Requirements: If you intend to request to serve alcohol at this event, check the box and answer the questions in the drop down field. If you do not intend to serve alcohol, you may skip over this field.
    • Event Comments and Instructions: This field is for internal notes and instructions only. Please be sure to enter information regarding desired setup, food, audio-visual needs, any resources being requested and to also include the contact name, email and phone number. This information will NOT be published to the calendar, but will be used to assign the appropriate resources and service providers. Please be sure to review your confirmation details closely.
  • After you filled out the required form fields in 25Live, select the "Save" button and select the heading to save this event to. If unsure, select “Book It Events”. Within 3 to 5 business days you will see an email confirmation with a .pdf attachment of your reservation confirmation. Please note your event reference number (ex. "2017 - AAHHES") for any future updates or cancellations.

    • For short-notice (any request within two business days) requests, please submit the form, and then call our main line at 978-934-3888 so that we may expedite your request.
    • For any questions related to your event or filling out the online form, please email: events@uml.edu or call: 978-934-3888.
    • For technical questions regarding the 25Live form, please email: Norma_Clark@uml.edu.