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Graduate Certificate in Public Administration & Leadership

Public Administration and Leadership Certificate

This 12-credit graduate certificate in Public Administration and Leadership is designed for agency managers seeking to expand their leadership skills, agency line staff who are preparing to move into management roles, those with existing master degrees (e.g. master of criminal justice, master of social work) who wish to add on a management oriented credential, or prospective MPA students who are interested in an intermediate credential. Areas of skill development include public and non-profit leadership, personnel management, public budgeting and financial management, and data management. Because courses for the graduate certificate program are aligned with the master’s program curriculum, this program serves as both a standalone certificate and can serve as a pathway into the master’s program. Upon successful completion of the graduate certificate in Public Administration and Leadership, certificate holders who received a GPA of 3.500 and above may apply to waive the GRE requirement when applying to the Master’s.

Curriculum Outline

Required Courses
Course #Course TitleCr.
MPAD.5010Foundations of Public Administration3
MPAD.5020Public/Nonprofit Budgeting and Financial Management3

Choose one of the following
Course #Course TitleCr.
MPAD.5030Public and Non-profit Management and Leadership3
CRIM.5210Managing Justice Organizations3

MUBU.5040Arts Administration3
SOCI.5020Human Services Management3
Choose one from the following
Course #Course TitleCr.
MPAD.5040Data Analysis3
CRIM.5900Descriptive and Inferential Statistics3

Total number of courses required for the certificate: 4
Total number of credits required for the degree: 12